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5 ways Donald Trump could block legal marijuana in California

The Trump administration has made clear that it will not look the other way when it comes to de facto state legalization of marijuana, as the Obama administration did. Instead, White House press secretary Sean Spicer last week said the

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Federal uncertainty, local opposition hang over Proposition 64

Proposition 64’s easy passage Nov. 8 was assured in part by promises to voters that the state government was up to the challenge of regulating and overseeing marijuana’s legalization in California. But three months since Prop. 64’s landslide victory, critics

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California voters defy trend – by voting as expected

SACRAMENTO – Whereas the national election results shocked and surprised pollsters and many media observers, California’s results from Election Day conformed almost exactly to pre-election polls and predictions. Some of the big races were foregone conclusions, such as Attorney General

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 7

Prop. 66 caps death penalty appeals at five years. What happens then? 10 things to know about the measure to legalize pot Is CAGOP losing the Vietnamese-American voting bloc?  Brown fights Prop. 53 hard, supporter cries foul What happens to AG

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