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24 years of Caltrans well-drilling ignored laws; risked groundwater contamination

Sacramento County is threatening to fine Caltrans millions in taxpayer dollars for drilling hundreds of wells over a period of decades in violation of laws aimed at protecting groundwater, records show. The county set the possible fine at as much as

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Judge rules against government retirees, for common sense

A common argument in California from public employees and government retirees is that once they get a goodie, they always have to get a goodie — even if it's not guaranteed by law. Take the bizarre, antithetical-to-logic practice of giving

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Politician Spends Excessively!

Katy Grimes: Alert the media! A Sacramento politician spent record amounts of money while a county supervisor. And now, that county supervisor is in the State Assembly. An exposé done by the Sacramento Bee over the weekend is only two years late;

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