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Subsidized housing new front in CA teacher pay

The San Francisco Unified School District is following Los Angeles Unified’s lead with plans to build subsidized housing for schoolteachers and teaching assistants. The districts’ actions may foreshadow a new era in which teachers unions try to use their clout to

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Special contracts allow ‘full-time’ teachers to work for both union and district

It’s been called “ghost teaching,” and it thrives in California. Full-time teachers are paid six-figure salaries to work for their union while keeping their school district seniority and pensions afloat. The dual work arrangements are built into union contracts. “This

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The ‘nut graph’ you’ll never see in a state government story

Oct. 1, 2012 By Chris Reed On Sunday, as I read iconoclastic pollster Pat Caddell‘s sharp, persuasive tirade documenting the many issues where the national media have spared the public from the details of the Obama administration’s venality and incompetence,

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