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Directly drinking treated wastewater could be in Californians’ future

  For the first time, California regulators have warmed to the idea of directly serving up treated sewer water to residents, underscoring the difficulty officials have had in uniting around alternative means of setting the state’s water policy on stable

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CA seeks drought relief from mountains to desert

This season’s heavy El Niño rains haven’t brought clarity to California’s competing drought plans, which now range from increasing water collection infrastructure to siphoning ancient reserves locked beneath the Mojave desert. Stepping up water collection has emerged as a priority

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CA may save enough to skip big water works

Demonstrating the simple power of reducing daily water usage, Californians have impressed regulators and policymakers by taking a huge bite out of statewide consumption. “The numbers reflect broad conservation success at a crucial time,” the Sacramento Bee reported. “Last year,

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As CA conserves, Feinstein renews relief push

With the latest numbers showing a drop in California water consumption, attention has turned to a new drought relief bill introduced by Golden State U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. The figures eclipsed earlier embarrassments faced by water districts where consumption

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CA water rights hit hard

After floating the possibility for months, authorities followed through on threatened curtailments on California’s most senior water rights holders. “The action by the State Water Resources Control Board, after weeks of warnings, affects 114 different water-rights holders in the Sacramento and San

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