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Wyoming hopes to help CA meet renewable energy goal

Gov. Jerry Brown’s announcement at his January “State of the State” speech that he wanted California to have 50 percent of its electricity generated from renewable sources by 2030 won applause from environmentalists around the nation and strong support from

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CA suffers 2nd highest taxes; 2X liberal Wash State

A new study by WalletHub.com found California suffers the second highest state and local taxes of any state, after only New York. And California taxes, averaging $9,509 per family, are 2.4 times as high as even liberal Washington State; and

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Don’t buy NEA snake oil

Editor’s note: This is cross-posted from our friend Larry Sand. The NEA is the parent union of the powerful California Teachers Association. July 24, 2012 By Larry Sand The teachers union uses bogus numbers to con the public into believing

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