UPDATED! Maldonado rejected!

Well, maybe. The vote on his appointment as lieutenant governor was 36-34 in the Assembly, which is five votes shy of the 41-vote majority needed for confirmation.

That’s what Capitol Weekly is reporting here, though there’s apparently been some sort of procedural vote and this guy is reportedly rushing up to the Assembly from Hanford (which will take at least a few hours), even though he seems to have pneumonia or some other such malady.

Courage abounds!

Making matters worse, Judy Lin of the Associated Press has Twitted that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is insisting that the constitution says that in this case the Legislature has “neither confirmed nor refused confirmation” of Maldonado, which Schwarzenegger interprets as meaning that Maldonado has been confirmed. Though if it turns out he has not been confirmed, Schwarzenegger says he’ll just reappoint Maldonado.

Confused? Good, because we are, too.

Anyway, we’d tell you to stay tuned, but there are probably better things to watch right now, like the latest state tax revenue figures or skiing information or that really irritating ShamWow! infomercial…

UPDATE: 4 p.m. – The Assembly voted again on Maldonado, this time racking up 37 votes for approval, four votes shy of the 41 needed. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

-Anthony Pignataro

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