Democrats for Tax Cuts!

Democrats for Tax Cuts!

Anthony’s blog about the JFK Profile in Courage award going to the California legislator-tax increasers reminded me of something. Democrats used to cut taxes.

JFK himself was the biggest tax-cutter in American history. At the right is a YouTube of him explaining, on Dec. 14, 1962 before the Economic Club of New York, why tax cuts are essential. The full text is here. But just watch the video. (Only an audio of his speech exists; the video adds pictures from his life.)

JFK campaigned for the cuts all through 1963. Unfortunately, he was killed in November. But his tax cuts were passed by a mourning Congress — overwhelming Democratic — the next February, and lit the fire of economic growth in the mid-1960s. Only when his successor, LBJ, boosted taxes in 1968 did the boom end.

It’s too bad JFK’s own family ignores his legacy. Worse, it’s too bad Democrats ignore it. They used to be the party of tax cuts — and ought to be again.

Let JFK explain it to you. He’s more eloquent than me. Click on the YouTube.

— John Seiler

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  1. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 17 March, 2010, 20:15

    Thanks for the link to this video.

    It reminded me of the time when it was still honorable and patriotic to be a democrat.

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  2. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 18 March, 2010, 09:41

    Nice, Larry. There you go again, telling us we’re not honorable, we’re not patriotic, we’re traitors, etc., etc,. just because we oppose the right-wing agenda. Right out of the Limbaugh/Beck playbook.

    The difference between what JFK did and the present day was that we weren’t facing huge budget deficits then and we are now. The difference between then and now is that President Kennedy wasn’t trying to shrink and destroy government. He wasn’t proposing “cuts-only” budgets.

    We cannot solve our budget crisis with cuts only. We need new sources of revenue. People who oppose new revenue are patriotic and honorable. But they’re also wrong.

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  3. John Seiler
    John Seiler 18 March, 2010, 13:24

    JFK not LBJ!

    — JCS (John Seiler)

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