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295px-Cannabis_floweringEach of us deals in his own way with The Insanity That Is California: the stultifying taxes, the bankrupting deficits, the debilitating debt, the thousand-dumb-new-laws-a-year, the incompetent egomaniacal governor, the clueless voters.

Personally, bourbon and stogies do the trick for me, although not so much lately due to a digestive ailment for which the replacement medications were Cipro and Flagyl.

But more and more Pyrite State inmates are surviving by getting high on cannabis, medical or otherwise. A news study finds that California is the highest state in the Union. Eureka is “America’s highest city,” with two others in the Top 10: San Fran at #5 and Chico at #7. No other state had more than one in the Top 10.

Here are the California sky-high cities on the America’s 40 Highest Cities list. The number at the left is the ranking; the comments are from the original study:

1. Eureka: “Recently, Eureka police entered a family’s home and found twelve and half pounds of marijuana and eight pounds of hashish.”

5. San Fran: “4/20 [Pot Day] Celebration: Everywhere, but notably Hippy Hill. Did we mention everywhere?”

7. Chico: “Home of California State University – Chico and ‘The Great Debate,’  a CSU-municipal partnership that this year will discuss legalizing marijuana.”

16. Sacramento: “Loyal Royalty: Short-story author Raymond Carver was famously dependent on several substances, including marijuana.” [Why isn’t Sacramento higher on the list? Because legislators and the rest of state government prefer LSD — J.S.]

26. Berkeley/Oakland: “Academics: The birthplace of the Tax Cannibis movement, Oakland is also the location of Oaksterdam University, where students have been learning to grow pot since 2007.”

37. Oxnard: “Legal high: Oxnard’s City Council unanimously voted on March 30 to permit medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within city limits. ‘In Ventura County, we are proud to be “The City That Cares,” ‘ said Mayor Pro Tem Andres Herrera. ‘We care about those Oxnard residents who may be disabled or suffering from cancer. By allowing dispensaries to operate freely in Oxnard, they can have better access to their medical needs’.”

— John Seiler

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  1. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 22 April, 2010, 11:50

    Here are some facts. But, by all means, don’t allow them to confuse your closed minds!

    Despite big tax cuts included last year’s economic stimulus package, the latest CBS News/New York Times poll finds that as many as 34% of Americans think President Obama raised their taxes.

    William Gale, head of the Tax Policy Center at the Brookings Institution, tells CBS News that federal taxes are actually “at their lowest levels in 60 years.”

    Said Gale: “The relation between what is said in the tax debate and what is true about tax policy is often quite tenuous. The rise of the Tea Party at at time when taxes are literally at their lowest in decades is really hard to understand.”

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  2. PRI
    PRI Author 22 April, 2010, 18:18

    StevefromSacto: I’ll have to check out what Gale’s numbers are. It’s possible tax rates for the middle class are lower then they have been for 40 years, since in 1971 Nixon — a Republican — took us of the gold standard, sparked inflation, and pushed the middle-class into upper-income tax brackets, where they remain. But Gale must mean something else about “60 years.”

    — John Seiler

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  3. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 23 April, 2010, 08:51

    Glad you’re looking into it, John.

    But my biggest concern is that “34% of Americans think President Obama raised their taxes,” which is simply not true. This is the result of the lies planted by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, etc., and spread by the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement.

    I’ll quote again from Hitler’s spinmeister Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it is the truth.”

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