Costa: McClintock for prez

Steven Greenhut: Here is an interesting idea from longtime conservative activist Ted Costa:

When Paul Gann and I worked to pass Prop 13 here in California back in 1978 we had no idea what a major tax revolt it would start across the country, with the final triumph being the election of Ronald Reagan to the office of President! Well, now California and our county are facing even greater challenges and again a strong voice is being heard from California!

Congressman Tom McClintock has been sounding the fiscal alarms in Washington, warning them about how financial recklessness has driven California to the point of bankruptcy and defending our US Constitution at every turn with a powerful voice of reason to oppose government run healthcare, bail-outs, massive new energy taxes and the lack of security on our southern border.

Over 1.2 MILLION people have listened to the powerful response that Congressman McClintock recently gave to Mexican President Calderon when he actually received a standing ovation from the Democrats in the House Chamber where he dared to state his opposition to OUR immigration laws! IF you agree with me that it is time to take this battle to the next level, then please take a moment to watch this short video and join with thousand of your fellow Americans in signing our petition to Congressman McClintock! Video link — Thank you for responding and please share this with as many concerned Americans as you can.

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  1. John Seiler
    John Seiler 4 June, 2010, 13:12

    And McClintock recently came out against the Iraq War, pointing out how disastrous it has been, for America and Iraq.

    McClintock in 12!

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  2. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 4 June, 2010, 16:23

    Just goes to show that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in awhile.

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  3. John Seiler
    John Seiler 4 June, 2010, 19:02

    Except, in California, the acorn has been taxed away.

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  4. Steve
    Steve 6 June, 2010, 00:11!

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  5. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 7 June, 2010, 10:04

    Wrong, John. The acorn has been squirreled away in a BP tax break.

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