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From the Editor:

CalWatchdog recently attracted its 199th follower. Since society likes round numbers, we’re going to give out free — FREE! — Official CalWatchdog Keychain/Flashlights to the next five new followers to our hilarious, brilliant, informative, wonderful Twitter feed. We’re talking real swag here, people — nothing but the finest keychain/flashlight things that global capitalism produces. It’s a keychain and a flashlight, all in one! And each one comes individually wrapped in plastic!

This kind of swag doesn’t just get handed out every day, so act fast. Our Twitter address is @CalWatchdog.

And thanks for reading.Which you can stop doing now.

Seriously — why are you still reading this? Get over to Twitter and sign up!

Now you too can shed light on waste, fraud and abuse!

Now you too can shed light on waste, fraud and abuse!

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