Time to Privatize Marriage

Time to Privatize Marriage

John Seiler:

Aren’t you sick of the Marriage Wars?

In the latest development a court — who cares which one — upheld the decision of a lower court — who cares which one — that same-sex couples have a “right” to marriage.

But consider this. Governments arrogated to themselves control over marriage only about 175 years ago. Before that, marriage was under the purview of a couple, families and religions or ethical groups.

Since government took over marriage, the divorce rate has shot up to 50 percent. Would you buy a car from a company whose cars crashed half the time?

Here’s a better idea: Privatize marriage. Get government out the marriage business entirely.

If you want to get married, then do so as people used to. Talk to family. Get a preacher. Get hitched.

If you’re an agnostic or an atheist, then get someone from an ethics group to perform the ceremony. Or do it yourselves.

Which reminds me of an old Woody Allen joke, “I did not marry the first girl that I fell in love with, because there was a tremendous religious conflict, at the time. She was an atheist, and I was an agnostic.”

Religions should take the lead. The more conservative religions have led the movement against government imposing same-sex “marriage.” But religions always lose these battles.

What these religions should do is ask their members not register marriages with the government, but only to marry under religious auspices.

Imagine if nobody showed up any more with county clerks to register marriages.

I realize that this could involve some legal complications involving children, estates, etc. Well, work them out within your religion.

And here’s an even more radical idea: Don’t register your kids with the government either. Hatch them in secret. Raise them on your own. Don’t tell the tyrants.

The Jefferson Starship even wrote a song about it, “Child is Coming,” with these lyrics:

A child is coming
A child is coming
A child is coming to you

What are we gonna do when Uncle Samuel comes around
Askin’ for the young one’s name
And lookin’ for the print of his hand for the files in their numbers game
I don’t want his chances for freedom to ever be that slim
Let’s not tell ’em about him.

Instead of trying to control government for our purposes, let’s ignore it — and get rid of it.

Feb. 7, 2012

Here’s a YouTube of “Child is Coming,” from the Starship’s great “Blows Against the Empire” album:


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  1. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 7 February, 2012, 19:52

    The court made the right decision. Time to move on.

    No one is going to live or die over gays getting married. Who cares what two people do when it does not affect me you or anyone else.

    Game over time to move on and let this issue die a fast and quiet death.

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  2. Keep da Peace
    Keep da Peace 7 February, 2012, 19:57

    I thought you were serious for a minute. Truthfully, government should not be in the marriage business. If it were remanded back to religion and ethics groups (whatever that is) government would only need to register the couple rather than license them, as if marriage were a privilege rather than a right. Religions could not then complain to government about what other religions and groups allow.

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  3. Maggie
    Maggie 7 February, 2012, 20:36

    Wow, then ALL will be right with the world, right? We’ll never have to have this discussion again, case closed, right?

    40 years of targeted hits on marriage, allowing “irreconcilable differences” to justify divorce and the ripping apart of families, making it sound like living together was “the same committment without the paper” bull, 3 generations of women that grew to accept being a live in mommy with benefits was the standard courtship until some guy got around to “feeling ready” to commit, the countless abortions when the inevitable happened and she found out that the guy WASN’T ready to commit and she was left alone and UNmarried, without any support from the father of her child.

    The worst part of everything they have done to rip apart marriage is that now our society has multiple generations placing so little value or caring on the lifetime LEGAL commitement between a man and woman – the backbone of a healthy and stable family and society – that marriage between two women or two men seems “normal” and you are okay with being used as useful idiot foot soldier demanding they get their “civil right”

    You need to get off your high horse about “government being involved in marriage” and be honest about this whole situation – the truth is you know and care so little about what marriage really means, it doesn’t MATTER if two women, or two men, or a man and his goat, or a woman and her dog, get married. It ALL the same to you.

    Every judge in the country could legalize gay marriage against the wishes of the majority and that won’t make it normal. Society will always place a higher value on what is most desired and gay marriage is a cubic zirconia compared to what REAL marriage is truly about.

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  4. David H
    David H 7 February, 2012, 20:37

    Well if sodomy is not a crime, then you are going to have to let them marry. There was a time when fornication, adultery, sodomy, pornography and the like were crimes. But now since everything goes, it is discriminatory to separate out the homosexual while giving credence to other deviant forms of sexual behavior. From a Biblical standpoint the government has the authority to regulate the last six commandments of the Decalogue, which are civil in nature. God would not condemn any government from punishing these sins violating the seventh commandment any more than he would the sixth (Thou shalt not murder.)

    But now has our government of the people decided it doesn’t want to call breaking the seventh commandment a crime? But ration would tell, just in the fact that some of the most foul and loathsome diseases that have every come upon man are a result of breaking this commandment. That the majority of murders are committed because of jealousies and violence from breaking this commandment. Not to mention the destruction of the social fabric from which we were created.

    Never were the words of the Bible more true than today. “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed [them] all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.”

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  5. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 7 February, 2012, 23:09

    Well if sodomy is not a crime, then you are going to have to let them marry. There was a time when fornication, adultery, sodomy, pornography and the like were crimes.

    #1- Sodomy is not a crime in CA, has not been a crime for several decades.

    #2- And if sodomy were a crime I would predict 90% of hetro couples would be in violation of it.

    Listen, what gays do is their business, and as long as they are not hurting anyone no one should be trying to interfer.

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  6. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 8 February, 2012, 13:48

    Keep Da Peace: I was serious. Let’s get government out of our lives, especially our marriages. Government ruins everything.

    — John Seiler

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  7. David in Irvine
    David in Irvine 8 February, 2012, 20:24

    This issue just illustrates that “equality” is only gained with the aggrandizement of the State and at the expense of liberty. But I’ll propose a compromise along the lines of John’s suggestion to separate marriage from State: in exchange for state recognition of non- traditional marital arrangements, no more state diktats that violate freedom of conscience in employment, housing or e.g., which happy couple a wedding photographer chooses to contract without fear of a discrimination lawsuit. Live and let live works both ways.

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