Arnold's Memoirs

John Seiler:

At this point in the bodybuilding championship, every move Arnold makes is for his memoirs. Things haven’t gone so well lately. So he needs to “pump up” his accomplishments, at least as they take shape in his own mind.

Hence, his pathetic pension “reform,” which my colleague Steven Greenhut dissected here. As Steve said, an initiative is going to be needed to save get real reform. Either that or maybe we should just give the state to Communist China so they can bring back capitalism to California.

But Arnold will be able to write in his book, “Autobiography of a Bodybuilding Greenhouse Gas Fighting Gasbag Gubernador”:

Vee akchomplished penzion reform. Jawohl! Und Der Staadt got besser always under govvhernment mine. Maria say, Arnold, du bist ein Kennedy! Machen mir very proudht.

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