Vote for the Democrat

John Seiler:

Mike Villines, the taxpayer-assaulting Assembly Republican, has pulled ahead in the Republican race to be nominated to be insurance commissioner.  Yet he voted for Arnold’s record $13 billion 2009 tax increase. John and Ken, the KFI radio guys in Los Angeles, branded him a Tax Traitor.

If he stays ahead in the nomination, then he should be opposed and the Democrat, Dave Jones, preferred.

Villines was elected on a promise to not increase taxes. Then he turned Tax Traitor and jacked up all our taxes. I feel it every day when I buy a hot dog or a beer. And with a couple of weeks I have to pay the massive car tax hike he imposed on me.

Besides his locker, I don’t know much about Dave Jones. Maybe he’s a tax increaser, too. But at least we expect that of Democrats.

All Republicans who back tax increases should be defeated. That’s the first order of business. They all need to get that message.

If Kim Jong Il were running against Villines, I’d prefer Kim.

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