Senators Support Irish Reunification

Katy Grimes: I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the very important senate resolution presented by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, and boldly supported by Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, which states that SJR 27 expresses the California Legislature’s “strong support for Irish reunification” and urges the California Congressional delegation to “support the final reunification of the island of Ireland by all electoral and diplomatic means necessary.”

In an email sent out today by Correa, he said, “I commend Senator Yee for introducing this legislation. Reunification is an important effort towards maintaining peace in Ireland.”

The legislature must have had extra time on their hands today after they solved the budget crisis, to warrant poking around Ireland’s politics.

But maybe Ireland asked for the help from Yee …

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  1. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 19 June, 2010, 08:07

    C’mon, Katy, give it a rest.

    One more time…the Republicans are preventing action on a budget by holding out for cuts only. With the 2/3rds vote requirement, they have all the cards.

    So why are the Democrats at fault for working on other things?

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  2. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 21 June, 2010, 07:14

    I’m with StevefromSacto on this one. Let’s imitate Ireland, which has bankrupted itself with wild spending and taxing. It’s one of the I’s in the PIIGS bankrupting nations.

    In California, let’s increase taxes, destroy more businesses and jobs, create an even worse deficit, blow out the bond rating, default on the bonds, and send the state into insolvency. We’re headed that way anyway. Let’s get it over with.

    — John Seiler

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  3. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 21 June, 2010, 08:58

    Other than BP, which already may be going down the tubes, explain to me John how making oil companies pay the same oil production tax they pay in every other state will “destroy” their business?

    How will putting the Vehicle License Fee back to what it was before Arnold used it as a political prop will “destroy jobs”?

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