A Tale of Two Boycotts

Katy Grimes: Cries of “racism,” “solidarity,” and “plantation politics” from Democrat state legislators were heard at a rally to support a boycott of Arizona this week at the state capitol.

Contrast that boycott rally with cries of “we the people” and “united we stand” heard at the Recall Sacramento rally held at Sacramento City Hall the following day, to support ousting each of the Sacramento City Council members for their votes to boycott Arizona businesses.

Recall Sacramento City Council rally

The contrast between the rally crowds was noticeable as well: the crowd was mostly bused in to the Capitol rally, and had boxed lunches waiting, while the city hall rally attracted young families, retired couples and workers on lunch breaks. No lunch was served.

At the capitol rally, Sen. Darrell Steinberg spoke with as much righteous indignation about the plight of undocumented immigrants as he could muster up… he is a lawyer.

“Sí, se puede” was the crowd’s response after Assemblyman Gil Cedillo shouted, “We are with you in solidarity.”

Assemblyman Sandre Swanson warned the crowd that “the children of immigrants are next.”

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano referred to the immigration law as “plantation politics.”

Unhappy voters

At the city hall rally, local radio talk show host Eric Hogue (AM 1380) whipped up the crowd and talked about city council being “a fine example of local government out of control”… and how they will eventually end up in elected positions at the capitol doing the same thing. “We the people…” was the crowd’s response.

Regardless of the side you are on in the immigration issue, it doesn’t change the fact that neither the legislature nor the members of Sacramento’s city council are doing the work they were elected to do. Both groups are wasting too much time and money worrying about another state, while ignoring their respective humongous budget deficits.

Illegal means... illegal.

"We the People" at City Hall

Sparse Capitol crowd at Boycott Arizona rally

Arizona boycott supporters

"Undocumented" supporters

Democrats standing in solidarity with Assemblyman Tom Ammiano

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