Hillary's July 4 conversion

Steven Greenhut: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her tour of Eastern Europe, warned, “[W]e must be wary of the steel vise in which governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit.” That’s true, of course, but the Obama administration (like the horrific Bush administration before it) is busy crushing civil society by expanding government’s presence more deeply into every area of life.

When government intrudes into health care, for instance, that crowds out the private sector. When government gains more power to spy and monitor the citizenry to protect against “terrorists,” that crushes freedom and liberty — something the founders well understood.

I’m glad to see Hillary Clinton join the movement to advance freedom. Maybe she gets it. But she needs to apply those ideas to the administration’s policies in the United States.

Maybe 7/4/10 will be a turning point!

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  1. John Seiler
    John Seiler 5 July, 2010, 08:43

    Steve, are you backing Hillary for prez against Obama in 2012?

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  2. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 5 July, 2010, 09:52

    Atleast Bill will be a more interesting First Lady than Michelle.

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