Obama regime targeted conservatives and libertarians beginning in 2008

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By John Seiler

It’s now coming out that President Obama’s regime began targeting conservatives and libertarians in 2008 — even before he was elected and took office. These were not normal criticisms in the heat of a political battle, but getting the government’s immense powers to harass and harm. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The White House insists President Obama is “outraged” by the “inappropriate” targeting and harassment of conservative groups. If true, it’s a remarkable turnaround for a man who helped pioneer those tactics.

On Aug. 21, 2008, the conservative American Issues Project ran an ad highlighting ties between candidate Obama and Bill Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground. The Obama campaign and supporters were furious, and they pressured TV stations to pull the ad—a common-enough tactic in such ad spats.

What came next was not common. Bob Bauer, general counsel for the campaign (and later general counsel for the White House), on the same day wrote to the criminal division of the Justice Department, demanding an investigation into AIP, “its officers and directors,” and its “anonymous donors.” Mr. Bauer claimed that the nonprofit, as a 501(c)(4), was committing a “knowing and willful violation” of election law, and wanted “action to enforce against criminal violations.”

AIP gave Justice a full explanation as to why it was not in violation. It said that it operated exactly as liberal groups like Naral Pro-Choice did. It noted that it had disclosed its donor, Texas businessman Harold Simmons. Mr. Bauer’s response was a second letter to Justice calling for the prosecution of Mr. Simmons. He sent a third letter on Sept. 8, again smearing the “sham” AIP’s “illegal electoral purpose.”

The Nixonian Obama and his regime need to be thoroughly investigated, their abuses fully revealed, the guilty prosecuted and punished.

But more than that, the IRS itself needs to be abolished, along with the dreaded income tax, which for 100 years now has been robbing and terrorizing Americans. It should not be replaced with the so-called “Fair Tax” (a national sales tax), or anything else. It just should be abolished, period, and federal spending cut accordingly.

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