Arnold's gas-guzzlers

John Seiler:

Did you know there’s a museum in das Vaterland that boasts Arnold’s gas-guzzling Mercedes S600? That’s the huge, 12-cylinder job that drinks gas like a boozer guzzles cheap vodka and drives faster than one of Werner von Braun’s V-2s. That’s a picture of it, above. Notice the California license plate.

I think both global “warming” and the oil “crisis” are bogus, so I don’t care what people drive. But Arnold has made a career warning that We’re All Doomed vom Der Global Warmung Und Muzt Konzerve — Or Elze.

He wants you to take mass transit or drive a Yugo. But he gets to drive in the biggest car around and take private jets. And as soon as he stops wrecking Kalifornia, when he leaves office in January, he’ll become Obama’s Energy Czar or Environment Czar or Global Warming Czar, or get a similar post at the U.N.

His Merc is in a museum. But he now tools around in another gas-guzzler, a Bentley:

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  1. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 11 August, 2010, 06:31

    Ahnold needs to buy up all of the gas guzzling cars and such so that nobody else can have the chance to warm the globe with all of the green house gasses and the carbon and the smog and such because if they cannot get drive these types of polluting cars, they will have to support the fastest growing industry in Kaliforniah which is the “Green” companies with the electric motor cycles and the Teslas and bicycles and other wonderful things like this that will be the future of Kaliforniah and the savior of the world from the warming and the dead polar bears and such. And besides, he is the Terminatah (or Expendable), so he is just stocking up on all of the cars and such so that he will be able to use them in his movies and blow them up with the pyrotechnics and the expolsions and the C4 and such things, so they will never have the chance to kill the earth with the carbon footprint and the gas guzzling and the Sarah Conners and such.

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