Polluters Welcome In CA?

Katy Grimes: The California Air Resources Board will be giving away free carbon permits to big oil companies, according to a story published today in Business Week. The story reports that oil companies Shell and Conoco Phillips, would be among some companies to get “free pollution rights” under California’s cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This means they will essentially be exempted from AB 32’s requirements to reduce carbon emissions.

The Air Resources Board is supposed to release the “rules” for the cap-and-trade plan tomorrow — just four days before the election — and will undoubtedly influence the outcome of Proposition 23, which would suspend AB 32 until unemployment in the state drops below 5.5 percent.

Business Week reported, “Most of the carbon permits will be given away by CARB when the program starts in 2012,” as part of a “gradual approach” to carbon reductions. The free carbon dioxide permits will be phased out by 2020.

Let me get this straight – CARB will be giving away freebie carbon permits to big oil companies? Isn’t that just a little hypocritical and in direct conflict with the implementation of AB 32 policy as well as the many “NO on Prop 23” ads currently running on television showing burning smoke stacks and oil spills?

The NO on Prop 23 campaign states, “California passed a clean air law (AB 32) that holds polluters accountable and requires them to reduce air pollution that threatens human health and contributes to global climate change. This law has launched California to the forefront of the clean technology industry, sparking innovation and clean energy businesses that are creating hundreds of thousands of new California jobs.”

Is this the softer side of CARB, or the side that wants to win at any cost?

Be sure to Calculate your carbon footprint on CARB’s website.

OCT 28, 2010

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  1. Paul Taylor Examiner
    Paul Taylor Examiner 29 October, 2010, 06:55

    The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has belatedly disclosed that its scientists have overestimated state diesel engine emissions by 340%. CARB is the powerful state agency charged with researching and regulating air quality standards. These diesel pollution estimates were the basis for costly 2007 regulations forcing businesses to cut diesel emissions by replacing or upgrading heavy-duty, diesel-fueled off-road vehicles used in construction and other industries.

    CARB said the overestimate was due to diesel pollution calculated during the economic recession, when 150,000 diesel-exhaust-spewing vehicles in California were shuttered. Independent researchers, however, found that gross overestimates in the CARB diesel emissions were attributable to chronically-flawed computer modeling systems.

    These flawed diesel pollution research regulations come from the same eco-obsessed CARD regulators that contrived the controversial 2006 California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). California voters can delay the California Global Warming Solutions Act by voting for Prop. 23 on November 2nd. Prop. 23 would prudently suspend implementation of AB 32 greenhouse gas controls until the state’s unemployment rate is reduced to below an unemployment rate benchmark of 5.5%.

    Worse, last year members of the CARB learned that the author of critical studies on diesel engine pollution, Hien Tran, had falsified his academic credentials. Tran admitted his deception, and accepted a CARB demotion. However, Tran’s analyses remained the basis for the aforementioned pollution regulations imposed upon operators of trucks, buses and other diesel-powered machinery. The Tran study concluded that diesel “particulate matter” (soot) was responsible for about 1,000 additional California deaths each year. Tens of millions of dollars in engine upgrades where required of California diesel operators under the new regulations.

    Jerry Brown, the California Attorney General and Democrat gubernatorial candidate in the November 2nd election, should immediately order an investigation of CARB. Clearly, CARB’s radical and costly air pollution regulations have been corrupted by partisan, militant eco-group lobbying and green bureaucrats.

    What is clear from continuing climategate eruptions is that partisan ideologies and cultish environmentalism have replaced prudent science and rational environmental policy decisions. Militant environmentalism and green-obsessed bureaucrats have become an “axis of antagonism” that we can no longer afford.

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  2. Susan Dowding
    Susan Dowding 29 October, 2010, 15:35

    CARB needs to go AWAY!!!! We don’t need or want you/your help any longer. You LIE. You are KILLING California.
    EVERY citizen of California should be voting YES on 23!!! HEAR US, THE CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA — GO AWAY.
    I agree that Jerry Brown, the California Attorney General and Democrat gubernatorial candidate in the November 2nd election, should immediately order an investigation of CARB.

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  3. John Steele
    John Steele 30 October, 2010, 07:12

    A great story on the scam that AB-32 really is. One more reason to make sure that Prop 23 Passes on Tuesday. Our electric bills along with Gasoline are estimated to raise by 50%

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  4. R.Douglas
    R.Douglas 31 October, 2010, 12:54

    Look at the big money backing “NO on 23”. Tom Steyer from Farallon Capitol and Meg Whitman’s partner has donated $5mil to defeat prop 23. They are invested in solar panels from China, crude oil and energy. Meg’s co-chair, George Schultz, co-authored AB32. Connect the dots! Now a wacko millionaire has pledged $20 mil to help start a “stink tank” to bring jobs to CA. This “stink tank” is Meg’s big idea if she is elected. Has anyone ever heard of a corporate takeover of a state. What a con job. The bottom feeders have arrived. Nightingale is the only gubernatorial candidate that is for “23”. Please vote intelligently on Tues. Vote yes on 23 and yes for Chelene Nightingale.

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