Plastic Bag Bill Goes Down in Defeat

Katy Grimes: One accomplishment yesterday by legislators, was the failure to pass the ban on plastic bags. Yes, I see it as an accomplishment.

The state’s lawmakers sought to be the first in the nation (again) to impose a ridiculous, costly and restrictive “environmental” law on the state’s residents. The proposal to ban the use of plastic bags at stores was supposed to go into effect in larger stores by 2012, and smaller stores by 2013.

Grocery stores planned on charging customer for paper bags, and the costly reusable shopping bags.

I’ve written extensively about plastic bags and recycled bags, so I won’t go into it here again. Suffice it to say, that it’s always a good thing for the residents of our state when an invasive bill designed to restrict our decisions and wallets, fails.

Here’s one of my plastic bag stories: Paper, plastic or a dirty bag? You’ll probably reconsider how you use those cool reusable shopping bags.

posted SEPT. 1, 2010

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