2-Month Driver's License Wait

John Seiler:

Remember how Arnold promised to get rid of the long lines and incompetence at the DMV? For a while, things got better. Then he went on his “Terminate California” kick, spending wildly and imposing AB 32. Here’s the DMV today:

New security features designed to help prevent fraud and counterfeiting of California driver licenses have caused a backlog of renewals, according to the California DMV.

While many drivers applied through the mail or online hoping to save time, some have faced delays of more than two months.

Marjorie Barakian, a certified nursing assistant and home health aide, says she’s been waiting nearly two months for her new license.

Barakian says she wrote a check on Nov. 8 and the DMV cashed it on Nov. 22. As of Jan. 6, she still hasn’t received her renewal.

“Do I have to move to another state to get a driver’s license?” said Barakian.

Actually, you have “to move to another state” to do anything in California.

Even Arnold is going to Canada.

Jan. 7, 2011

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