Gov. Brown Insults CA Taxpayers

John Seiler:

Gov. Jerry Brown spoke in Los Alamitos on Saturday before the California Cadet Corps. Reported the L.A. Times:

The governor couldn’t resist alluding to the state’s budget stalemate in his remarks to the crowd in Los Alamitos, saying the cadets could serve as a model for GOP legislators. Republicans in Sacramento have refused to go along with the governor’s push for more taxes to help close the budget deficit.

“People are having a hard time deciding what our common purpose is,” Brown said. “I see in our California Cadet Corps a training of our future leaders, leaders that rise up above their own narrow selfish interests and think about the state and the country first.”

So, if you want to keep a little more of your money from being squandered by the rapacious state government, you are stuck in your “own narrow selfish interests.”

Actually, the real “narrow selfish interests” here are Brown and his cohorts in the Legislature and the government-employee unions. The unions kept Brown’s campaign going last year with $30 million in campaign ads.

They own him.

That’s why, instead of cutting the immense waste and bloat in government, he wants to put more guns to the heads of taxpayers to extort another $12 billion.

Then, as at Los Alamitos, he insults us!

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