Why Are We Surprised at Arnold?

John Seiler:

Although other people have been surprised, I must say that I haven’t been surprised at any of the revelations about ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his gutter morality. When he ran for governor back in 2003, all the indications were there: The sleazy Hollywood history. The explicit interview with a pornographic magazine; he said that his answers were just exaggerated stories to amuse readers.

Then there were the stories in the L.A. Times of him groping and abusing women on movie sets. At the time, pro-Arnold Republicans attacked the “liberal bias” of the Times for printing the truth. Of course, it turned out Arnold himself was a “liberal,” as in libertine.

If you read the bios of Arnold, he had an interesting relationship with bodybuilding magazine publisher Joe Weider, a kind of father-figure for Arnold. As somebody put it, they both conned each other — and made millions. Weider used Arnold as the poster boy for his magazine empire. Arnold used Weider to catapult himself into the top of the bodybuilding industry.

So, for Arnold, life is just one con after another.

Early on, Arnold admitted he used steroids, back when they were legal, to inflate his muscles to cartoonish proportions. Arnold’s main accomplishment was repeatedly, day after day, pulling out a needle, filling it with steroids, and injecting the drug into his veins.

He was a phony from the word go.

Now, more revelations are promised. It looks like he’s going to be spending his next decade in family court for paternity and palimony lawsuits. Gloria Allred — who else — says more sleaze revelations are coming:

“Investigators are all over the place,” said Allred in an interview with The Chronicle Monday. Asked about tabloid reports that the former governor’s infidelities could parallel that of Tiger Woods, Allred — who has represented at least two of the golf great’s mistresses — said, “The genie cannot be put back in the bottle.”

“It’s out — as much as he has tried to do damage control and control this story,” said Allred. “He’s probably now just a sad little man waiting for the next bombshell to going to go off.”….

Allred is reported to be representing Gigi Jeffers — also known as Gigi Goyette — who said that as a 17-year-old and former actress on “Little House on the Prarie,” she had a sexual relationship with Schwarzenegger.

What a creep. That supposedly took place back in 1975, so it’s possible child-abuse charges could be brought against him. After all, if clergy can be charged with abuse decades later, why not an ex-governor?

May 24, 2011

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