Little Hoover's pension hearings

Steven Greenhut: Here is an important notice from the Little Hoover Commission:

On Thursday, June 24, 2010, the Little Hoover Commission will conduct a public hearing on California public pension systems. The hearing will begin at 9 a.m. in Room 437 of the State Capitol in Sacramento.

In this study, the Commission is examining public pension plans in California. Public employee retiree costs are one of the biggest drivers of state and local government costs, and have been on the rise. The Commission will study the long-term implications of current structures and trends within today’s pension programs and, if warranted, recommend changes for the future.

The Commission will hear from Teresa Ghilarducci, author and professor of economic policy analysis at The New School for Social Research in New York City. The Commission also will hear from Marcia Fritz, president of the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility, and David Low, director of Governmental Relations for the
California School Employees Association. Finally, the Commission will hear from Keith Brainard, research director for the National Association of State Retirement Administrators.

There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of the hearing. The Commission also encourages written comments. On Wednesday, June 23, 2010, the Public Pensions Subcommittee of the Commission has scheduled a meeting to learn about the legal landscape for pension reform. The meeting will begin at 2 p.m. in Room 340 of the Library and Courts Building II, 900 N Street, in Sacramento.

All public notices for meetings are on the Commission’s Web site,

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