Nunez: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Katy Grimes: On the first day of the hearing in a lawsuit against the State of California and former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for commuting the sentence of Esteban Nunez, son of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, the elder Nunez clearly demonstrated that he has no shame.

“Former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said Monday that his son’s manslaughter sentence last year in the stabbing death of a 22-year-old college student was politically motivated, angering the parents of the victim,” The Sacramento Bee reported earlier today.

Nunez said his son Esteban “received a tougher sentence” because of Nunez senior’s political career and the ambition of the district attorney in the case. Apparently this is justification enough for the commutation of Esteban Nunez’s sentence from 16 years to seven.

Remember that while in custody, Esteban Nunez bragged to police that his well-connected father Fabian Nunez, would get the charges against him dropped.

While quick to point out other’s political ambitions and abuses, Fabian Nunez shamelessly ignored the really rotten deal he made with Schwarzenegger to commute Esteban’s sentence – a sentence that many feel was already light given the heinousness and attempted cover up of the brutal stabbing of college student Luis Santos. And, Esteban Nunez’s case never went to trial – he agreed to the manslaughter charges, avoiding a very public trial and potential for life in prison.

Adding insult to injury in an already painful situation, Fabian Nunez made his comments within earshot of the Santos family outside of the courtroom.

Fortunately, Bonnie Dumanis, the District Attorney accused by Fabian Nunez of being politically motivated in her prosecution of the case answered. “The DA’s office makes prosecutorial decisions based on the evidence and the law, treating defendants the same regardless of who they may be related to,” she said. “Unfortunately, the governor didn’t do the same and his last-minute commutation greatly diminished justice and outraged the community. We’re trying to right that wrong.”

Every time he opens his mouth, Fabian Nunez proves what an baseless, arrogant, elitist politician he really is.  Yes, Nunez may be well-connected, but with each stupid, insensitive comment he makes about this case, he is looking worse than his son – who thankfully, has learned to shut his mouth.

JULY 11, 2011

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