Brown’s Budget Doesn’t Add Up

Katy Grimes: After Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal was released last week, I started doing some math. Brown ‘s estimate of a $92.6 billion annual state budget just wasn’t adding up for me.

Since I went to school before new math was taught, I got out my calculator and using old, traditional math, I started adding up education costs, health care, welfare, all social services, K-12 education, higher education, transportation and corrections.

The governor’s finance people published some summaries of the budget, including the Health and Human Services budget. “Budget includes $100.1 billion ($26.4 billion General Fund and $73.7 billion other funds) for these programs,” the summary states. 

I contacted several state Capitol insiders confidentially, and received some interesting responses. One said that the difference is state General Funds versus all others, including transfers in from the Federal government and other state/other funds or reimbursements. Our total budget is probably double what is being reported – or maybe more.

In a list of state department costs, the “Proposed Budget Detail shows budget year personnel years and expenditures for each agency area. These totals are comprised of State funds which include General Fund, special funds, and selected bond funds. These totals do not include federal funds, other non-governmental cost funds, or reimbursements,” the summary states.

Look at these departmental totals:

K thru 12 Education  $39,214,791

Higher Education  $9,803,278

Health and Human Services $ 42,892,420

Corrections and Rehabilitation $10,718,529

Business, Transportation & Housing  $11,276,814

Natural Resources $4,643,208

Environmental Protection $1,306,741

State and Consumer Services $1,426,790

Labor and Workforce Development $834,349

General Government  $9,549,748

Legislative, Judicial, and Executive $5,661,159

TOTALS $137,327,827  (Link to the list)


However, $137.3 billion includes all state funds (General funds, special funds and bond funds). If federal funds are included, the total is $210.1 billion.


The following list reflects the break downs within the Department of Heath and Human Services – welfare and all it covers.

Health & Human Services Agency, Secretary – $200,996

*and within that one classification are the Secretary for HHS, The California Office of Health Information Integrity, and Office of Systems Integration
Emergency Medical Services Authority – $27,573 4100

State Council-Developmental Disabilities – $11,558

Statewide Health Planning & Development – $116,502

Department of Aging – $195,290

Commission on Aging  – $440

California Senior Legislature – $480

Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs – – –

Children & Families Commission –  $442,886

*notice the Medi-Cal Health Care Services: Department of Health Care Services – $60,953,112

Department of Public Health – $3,427,669

California Medical Assistance Commission – – –

Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board – $965,569

Department of Developmental Services – $4,682,613

Department of State Hospitals – $1,530,363

Mental Hlth Svcs Ovrst and Acntblty Comm – $6,671

Dept of Community Services & Development -$ 260,183

California Health Benefit Exchange – $39,421

Department of Rehabilitation – $421,287

State Independent Living Council  – $717

Department of Child Support Services – $998,798

Department of Social Services – $17,501,678

State-Local Realignment –  $4,347,047

State-Local Realignment, 2011 – $3,873,680

General Obligation Bonds-H&HS –  $66,531

Totals, Personnel Years and Expenditures — $100,071,064


The $92.6 billion fairy tale estimate put out by Brown’s office is just the tip of the iceberg. Look at the breakdowns for yourself HERE and HERE.

This is just a teaser. I will follow up with more…

JAN. 9, 2012


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  1. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 9 January, 2012, 14:28

    The other part of the story is that while proposing an increase in his budget and foisting a tax hike on the CA people – he is cramming down the costs that are normally financed by the state onto the local governments – which will force the locals to increase your fees and taxes too. So Jerry Clown is hosing you at both ends.

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  2. eck
    eck 9 January, 2012, 19:34

    Point out all of this to your neighbors and friends. I do. Automatic voting democrat has BIG consequences! Oh well, why anybody would have voted for Jerry “moonbeam” is a mystery to me. So I guess, in the end, we’re screwed.

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  3. RODAN
    RODAN 12 June, 2012, 20:16

    Start by disbanding the various regional centers in the state. The most egregious is the Inland Regional center, what with the gross incompetence and scandalous behavior, they should be the first to go! These resources, that are allocated to each autonomous regional center can be allocated to each county in California. The various social service entities/agencies found in each county, would be far more capable than the “fouled up’ nightmare called the IRC, in addressing the needs of the developmentally disabled…the other regional centers are also atrocious. IRC is one of many..

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