Romney Win Makes CA Irrelevant

John Seiler:

The California primary’s late date, in June, usually makes it irrelevant. By then, one candidate usually has come to the fore of the Democratic or Republican parties.

Yet California commentators still salivate over actually having something worthy to report. Writes Josh Richman: “For months, nobody figured California Republicans would have a say in picking their party’s 2012 presidential contender — the state’s June 5 primary was just too late to matter.”

“But suddenly, as a volatile and vicious GOP battle barrels toward Tuesday’s Florida primary, uncertainty is setting in as some pundits start to wonder: Could the Golden State’s mother lode of delegates actually make a difference?”

Not gonna happen. It’s over. Romney’s the nominee.

He’ll trounce Gingrich in Florida Tuesday. Willard (Mitt) organized and campaigned better. The Establishment coalesced around him, especially its “conservative” wing, and smashed Newt, who came off as an amateur.

And did Newt really think that messy stuff with his wives wouldn’t catch up with him? His South Carolina victory was a fluke, like the Yankees briefly retreating after Fort Sumter was shelled back in 1861.

Then Mitt will win the Western caucus states because a lot of his fellow Mormons will back him.

Then it’s on to Michigan, where he grew up; hence he has a Michigander accent like mine. His father, George Romney, was a terrible governor there in the 1960s, imposing the state’s first income tax and doubling spending in just six years.

Yet George is remembered fondly, perhaps because Baby Boomers are nostalgic for the days of the Monkees and the Detroit Tigers’ 1968 World Series champions, a team so great they make the 1927 Yankees look like a Little League team. (Where have you gone, Denny McLain? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo. Woo. Woo.)

Then Willard will beat Obama. The economy still is pathetic, the recovery a weak joke. Obama is unpopular. He’s Bush III. Nothing changed. He dashed  the “hope we can believe in.”

I’m not a Romney fan, to say the least (if not less). I’m still knocking back the bourbon over Ron Paul’s demise. Maybe if the Establishment media hadn’t deep-sixed their reporting on Ron. Maybe if… Never mind.

And growing up in Michigan in the 1960s, the politican I most loathed after the ogre LBJ was Mitt’s pa.

President Mitt will do what Republican presidents always do: Consolidate and better manage the socialist advances imposed by Democratic presidents.

It’s the American way.

Jan. 29, 2012

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