Walker win a repudiation of big labor

June 5, 2012

By Katy Grimes

When the big news outlets called the Wisconsin election for Gov. Scott Walker early, it was apparent that blue is going to be the new red in November.

Despite the Associated Press announcing that Walker “survives” recall, Republican Governor Scott Walker’s win is big in Wisconsin. But his win also has national implications–he not only retains his office, with 61 percent voting to retain him, and 39 percent to recall, but the win sends a very loud message to union-loving politicians.

Take that unions!

In California, the message to Gov. Jerry Brown is I hope you are listening.

California’s house of cards may fall as well… eventually.

Public sector unions are yesterday’s news in other parts of the county. Not only did Gov. Walker do exactly what he said he would do when he was elected, when given the choice, employees always just say no to unions.

This is a tipping point moment for every blue state, every blue county, and every blue city, ruled by unions.

And, this is proof positive that union leadership and most Democratic politicians are working  harder to save their own behinds, instead of working for the people. Unions have been dictating elections for decades. Now that the economy has crumbled under Democratic and union leadership, voters are saying “no” to unions.

Walker showed that through leadership, accountability, and a budget surplus after he inherited a monstrous deficit, unions are not representing the employees or the will of the state.

This is an enormous defeat for organized labor and a win for principled politicians. And yes, there are some principled politicians out there.

After Walker was elected, he made difficult budget cut decisions, made public employee union membership optional, and union members voted with their wallets. In doing so, Walker also balanced the state budget, erased the deficit, and Wisconsin is now enjoying a budget surplus.

Voters overwhelmingly showed their approval of Walker’s leadership with the denial of his recall.

A budget surplus? Are you kidding? California can only dream of a budget surplus after voting Gov. Jerry Brown back into office. During his first two terms as California Governor (1975-1983), Brown ushered in public employee unions, thereby creating one of California’s largest entitlement classes.

Calling out union-loving politicians

While Brown’s election was funded by big labor and public employee unions, they should not rest on his California creds. California has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that the liberal elite in the state are out of step with working America.

Voters everywhere are fed up with union-negotiated benefits, which are clearly out of sync with the rest of the workers in this difficult economy.

As President Ronald Reagan followed the groundbreaking election of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney may just follow Walker’s win.

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