Gun control would disarm American Indians — again

Tlingit Chief - wikipediaDec. 26, 2012

By John Seiler

It’s not just liberals, but most Americans think the Indians weren’t treated well during many parts of American history. For example, many of Native Americans were disarmed and forced onto reservations.

The disarmament could be re-imposed if current gun-control ideas by President Obama and others are imposed on the country.

Lingit Latseen is a leader of the Tlingit tribe, whose territory stretches along the Pacific Coast from Alaska down into Canada. Chief Anotklosh’s picture from 1913 is nearby.

Latseen writes on his blog an entry entitled, “Our people were always armed“:

“Gun control is not for Native people. It is for people who can’t or won’t take on the sacred duty to protect their families, their people, their lands and their way of life. When I was 13 I attended a gathering of the tribe’s warriors with my grandfather. All able bodied men reported to the center of the village with their weapons to be inspected by the War Chief to assess the ability of the tribe to protect itself. No Native person should support expansion of power for the US to take away, ban or regulate the sale or possession of firearms by Native people. They don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves anymore. They say that they will take care of that. But we know better. Tribes have long memories.”

So, will liberals stick with the rights of the Tlingit and other Native Americans to protect their families and follow their ancient traditions?

Or will liberals try to grab the guns from the Indians — again — as they seek to grab the guns of all Americans?

I think the latter. Liberals’ talk of “diversity” and respecting the rights and traditions of minorities is just rhetoric. In the end, the liberals just want to control all of us. And to do that, they want to take our guns away and turn the whole country into one large, repressive reservation.


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