61% of kids want govt. out of their lives

anti government graffitiMay 9, 2013

By John Seiler

Here’s a heartening story.

From the time they go to preschool until the day they graduate from professional school three decades later, kids these days suffer relentless politically correct indoctrination. Their K-12 teachers and their university professors almost unanimously give them this message: “Government is good. Government is wonderful. Government will solve all your problems.”

Yet a new poll shows that 61 percent of college-age students want the government out of their lives.

Why? Well, kids are bearing the brunt of government tyranny. They’re being forced into Obamacare, whether they want to or not, which means they’ll be taxed heavily to pay for the ailments of older folks.

They pay massively into Social Security and Medicare. Yet I remember a poll a few years ago which showed more youngsters believe in UFOs than believe they’ll ever get an FDR dime out of these bankrupt socialist systems.

The kids run up college debt of as much as $200,000 — then can’t find jobs in the worst “recovery” in 70 years. Housing is so expensive they have to stay at home with Mom and Pop well into their 30s.

It’s hard to save enough money to get married and have kids. The Federal Reserve Board has kept interest rates at zero percent the past five years, even as inflation eats up the dollar’s value. “Savings” means the money in your savings account goes down in value 2 percent a year. The stock market is setting “records,” just over 15,000 for the DJIA, only because of inflation.

The wars of the federal government, which youngsters have to fight on the front lines, are inconclusive and seem pointless. And why are we spending trillions on hundreds of overseas bases to fight a Soviet Union that died so long ago no kid under 25 even remembers it?

But the kids have the Internet. So unlike my late 1960s, 1970s generation, which had few news sources beside the Main Stream Media, kids can find out what’s really going on from alternative Web sites; or at least get a contrasting point of view from what they’re fed by the military-industrial-Congressional-media-university complex.

This gives me hope for the future.

Next on the agenda: to get it out of their lives, the kids need to begin dismantling this monstrous government.


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