Ex cons working for Covered California

Long waits and frustrating computer snags might not be the worst thing about Covered California, our state’s version of Obamacare. Dig this:

At least 43 convicted criminals are working asObamacare navigators in California, including three individuals with records of significant financial crimes.

Although some of the offenses are decades old, and although convicted criminals account for only 1 percent of the 3,729 certified enrollment counselors in the state, Californians still have good cause to be concerned about their privacy.

Even a single crooked navigator could do significant harm to the public. That’s because when navigators sign consumers up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, they have access to lots of private information, including Social Security numbers, home addresses, and financial data — basically, everything on the wish list of identity thieves and fraudsters. Navigators also are likely to work with a population that is more vulnerable than average.

So, you sign up to get health care, and the next thin you know is your bank account is empty and your credit cards are maxed out.

The government insists that these are old charges; that the people hired are rehabilitated.

But suppose a child molester does 30 years in prison, then gets out, with the government insisting he’s “rehabilitated.” Would you hire him as a teacher at an elementary school?

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