Reputation defender: The L.A. office of the NAACP

Reputation defender: The L.A. office of the NAACP

def.iabaLos Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is expected to face suspension or more from the NBA at a press conference at 11 a.m. today (Pacific time) in the league’s New York office.

Sorry, but I can’t believe the tone-deafness of people of some on the right who see this as much ado about nothing. He’s obnoxious.

But what is also noteworthy about this mess is that it exposes how the Los Angeles office of the NAACP essentially has been a reputation defender for Sterling because of money he gives the group. It’s far from just Jesse Jackson who plays the racial spoils game.

The Sterling-is-a-racist timeline starts in 2003 with the first printed reports about his staff hassling black, Latino and disabled tenants at his 100-plus apartment buildings in Los Angeles, with his biggest holdings in Beverly Hills and West L.A.

The timeline continues in 2005 with Sterling paying a multimillion-dollar fine (specific amount undisclosed) and $5 million in legal fees to settle a lawsuit.

In 2006, it continues with a federal investigation of Sterling’s continuing attempts to hassle black and Latino tenants and his newest target: renters with children.

That culminates in 2009 with a Justice Department-orchestrated settlement of $2.73 million.

Even Sterling realized NAACP honor was absurd

naacpLet’s now bring in an NAACP-Sterling timeline.

2008: Five  years after the initial signs that Sterling really, really didn’t want African-Americans in his apartment buildings, the group gave Sterling its President’s Award.

2009: The L.A. chapter gave Sterling its Lifetime Achievement Award.

2014: The chapter was going to give him another award in May before this weekend’s flap.

Why? Because he gave the NAACP money.

What’s really sick is that even Sterling realizes the absurdity of this. This is from the May 22, 2009, Los Angeles Daily News:

“Do you know why they’re here?” Sterling says in the [magazine article], to a companion, about why an ESPN reporter is attending a May 14 ceremony in his honor at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown L.A. “They want to know why the NAACP would give an award to someone with my track record!”

Sterling knows the answer. For the L.A. chapter of the NAACP, gross racism is forgivable — if the price is right.


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  1. Ted O'Steele, CEO
    Ted O'Steele, CEO 29 April, 2014, 13:03

    Chris— sorry to burst your bunker bubble ™ but this Clipper’s moron is a poster child for the right—–I know you’ll be uncomfortable with that but it’s just the way your brand has been run into the dirt over many years. Like that ranching moron last week and his America is not a sov Country with authority nonsense. ASAP– the Fox news dopes came riding to his rescue and then lionized him— cause your brand LOVES these ignorant kooks.

    THEN– HIS racist rants come forth and your ilk back peddles like, of course, they always do.

    Pretty sleepy dance little buddy.

    And so it goes.

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    • Chris Reed
      Chris Reed 29 April, 2014, 17:06

      Onanism. WTG, Ted.

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    • Donkey
      Donkey 29 April, 2014, 18:14

      This Sterling fellow portrays your misogynist side quite well TCS. I find most RAGWUS feeders to be bigots and racists. 🙂

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      • Ted O'Steele, CEO
        Ted O'Steele, CEO 30 April, 2014, 09:18

        Did you learn a new big word last month little buddy or are you just projecting your own self loathing and hatred of the fairer sex?

        What gives girl????

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        • Donkey
          Donkey 1 May, 2014, 07:26

          TCS, the published articles on the misogynist actions by LE cretins are in the news everyday. The first step for recovery is to admit the Orban, Robertson, Brent, Johnson, Kerchner, Davis, Sanchez, Gay, Chapple, White, Torrente, Ruiz, Parker, Randle, were all women hating cowards, and all were in LE.

          I love women, always have and would never abuse or hurt one. I can say with out a doubt that Ashley MacDonald would be alive today if a real man had showed up at Sunview Park on August 25th, 2006. 🙂

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  2. Ted O'Steele, CEO
    Ted O'Steele, CEO 29 April, 2014, 13:05

    Oh– and re your sophmoric attempt to turn this on the NAACP—-just more CWD child like journo from maybe the 7th grade student newspaper.

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    • Chris Reed
      Chris Reed 29 April, 2014, 17:04

      Oh, Ted. Lots of people are ripping the NAACP for this.

      But when I do it, it’s because I’m sophomoric.

      You could not be more predictable. As the next comment notes, I provided the proper context in writing about this.

      Now go back to your reflexive reactions.

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      • Ted O'Steele, CEO
        Ted O'Steele, CEO 29 April, 2014, 21:39

        Look Chris— You can disagree with me– no worries— but it’s rhetoric like yours that has driven your brand to the ground—You camp out on the moral low ground—- always—- of course you don’t see it, I presume that if you did see it you wouldn’t do it!

        just a messenger amigo–

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  3. Steve Mehlman
    Steve Mehlman 29 April, 2014, 13:15

    “Sorry, but I can’t believe the tone-deafness of people of some on the right who see this as much ado about nothing.” You are right, Chris. And what’s sad is that many of the same people who screamed bloody murder about Rev. Wright being a racist have nothing to say about Sterling, Cliven Bundy, and other white racists. They are hypocrites, plain and simple.

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    • Chris Reed
      Chris Reed 29 April, 2014, 23:11

      Completely agree, Steve.

      I hope at some point in my life we’ll see a potent “libertarian light” movement with fiscal conservatives/social liberals taking on conventional Dems and GOPers. The present coalitions feel unnatural.

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      • Ted O'Steele, CEO
        Ted O'Steele, CEO 30 April, 2014, 09:16

        Chris— We are ALL waiting for moderate Repubs and libertarians—I guess that’s what you mean by “light”— join the expectant crowd—-thanks to the bunker dwellers we may have to wait til the second coming of Christ sadly!

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      • Steve Mehlman
        Steve Mehlman 1 May, 2014, 10:59

        You are right, Chris; the present conditions ARE unnatural. The major problem is that the Republican Party, where fiscally conservative, socially liberal people have always been welcome, has now been taken over by ideological zealots, whose primary goals are 1) to weaken and destroy government at all levels, and 2) impose the Christian version of Sharia Law on all Americans.

        Another problem is that our system of government has always been based on cooperation and compromise among our elected representatives to do what’s best for our country. Indeed, the Constitution itself was the product of a compromise among people with widely divergent viewpoints who came together to help build our nation. Today, the people who wrote the Constitution would be branded as RINOs, traitors and worse by extremists on the Right and Left.

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  4. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 1 May, 2014, 07:02

    A right wing Utopia…WHERE IS IT….We need to make up moving brochures…..we will clear out scads of mindless dooomers…great for business!

    Suggest Skunk Hollow in West Virginia…..the gateway to the Hatfield and McCoy managed Jurassic Park.

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