Video: CalWatchdog in depth — High Speed Rail (5)

Video: CalWatchdog in depth — High Speed Rail (5)

CalWatchdog Contributor Kathy Hamilton explains what’s really going on when the High Speed Rail Authority says it wants to use “The Blended System” to make the project work. It’s all about chasing the “free” federal money.

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  1. Robert S. Allen
    Robert S. Allen 25 July, 2014, 14:50

    The real problem with Blended Rail is that it includes grade crossings. It’s unsafe and unreliable, where Prop 1-A (2008) called for “Safe, Reliable” HSR. Amtrak’s Bourbonnais crash on 79 mph track (the same as at Caltrain now) illustrates what can happen at grade crossings. (See Wikipedia.) CHSRA would fund raising that speed to about 120 mph!

    HSR needs secure (grade separated, fenced) track. Grade crossings are vulnerable to accident, sabotage, and even terrorist.

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