What about that ‘global warming’?

What about that ‘global warming’?

day after tomorrow movieNo wonder environmentalist extremists changed “global warming,” as in AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, to “climate change.”

The Northeast has been blanked by record cold and snow that makes it easier for us to put up with California’s high taxes, absurd regulations, absurdist politicians and preposterously high housing costs. The BBC just reported:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called it a “historic event”, while a local official dubbed the storm “gigantic”.

Some places, including the city of Buffalo, are already underneath 5ft of snow, and eight people have died in New York state.

Weather-related deaths were also reported in New Hampshire and Michigan.

Freezing temperatures have continued in many parts of the US, with heavy disruption to travel.

The new storm blast spread across New York early on Thursday, bringing thunder, lightning and the spectre of several more feet of snow.

“It’s a force of nature, a massive force of nature,” Deputy Erie County Commissioner Richard Tobe told reporters.

“We’re prepared, but the storm is gigantic and persistent.”

Just two years ago, the same Gov. Cuomo was cited by New York Magazine as one of the “Reasons to Love New York“: “Because Our Governor Isn’t Afraid to Talk About Global Warming.” The article read:

There were more urgent matters, like restoring electricity to millions. But Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped back for a few minutes to confront the ominous big picture. “People don’t want to accept climate change,” he said, sitting in his midtown office 36 hours after Sandy had ruinously flooded his state. “But it is real. I believe it’s been coming for twenty years. We’ve denied it, and I’ve heard the same thing—‘No, it’s once in a lifetime. It’s never going to happen again.’ ” A disgusted shake of the head. “The frequency is going like this.” An asymptotic line traced by his right hand. “My father was governor twelve years. I can count on one hand the number of weather incidents he had. I’ve been here 22, 23 months, and I think I’ve had more than my father already.” A Democratic politician in New York calling global warming a reality hardly qualifies as a profile in courage.”

Of course, although NY Mag uses “global warming,” Cuomo uses the P.C. phrase “climate change,” which uses any change in the weather — anything at all — as an excuse to increase government control and tyranny over people, while snow-shoveling massive profits to climate-alarmism manipulators like Al Gore.

At this point, Gore, Cuomo and other climate doomsters seem to think the 2004 movie “The Day After Tomorrow” — in which global warming absurdly causes global cooling — was a documentary.

UPDATE: Some Drudge Report headlines:


FORECAST: Three more feet!

BILLS-JETS Game Relocated…

141 year old cold record falls in FL…



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  1. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 20 November, 2014, 14:01

    Well folks.

    The little people will start paying back for safety net benefits in January…cap and trade transfer costs on energy.

    So will you by more redistribution, as usual.

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  2. ted
    ted "Eddy Baby" Steele, Associate Prof. 20 November, 2014, 20:10

    Keep burning the carbon teabaggers— we’re fine! Don’t worry about the overwhelming scientific proof arrayed before yo

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    • Donkey
      Donkey 20 November, 2014, 21:16

      TCS, Gorebal Warming is a lie put forth by RAGWUS feeding pigs to steal from the taxpayers. It was created for a feeder like you!! 🙂

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    • ricky65
      ricky65 21 November, 2014, 10:47

      Still spreading the global baloney, Fast Eddie?
      That would officially enshrine your status as a “doomer” in the esteemed company of Collapso the Clown and others generally savaged by you and your slavish toadies on this site for “Doomerism”.
      BTW- When Teddy is not poisoning the mind of our youth on campus, he can be found on Sunset Blvd naked and wearing a sandwich style sign board saying: “The world is coming to an end” on one side and “I am also God” on the other.

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  3. Michael
    Michael 20 November, 2014, 20:37


    Would that be the “scientific proof” be the data you academic types “created?” I am sure, just like with the UC tuition increase, it is for the kids.

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  4. fletch92131
    fletch92131 21 November, 2014, 09:55

    I keep coming back to my rebuttal to Pres. Obama on climate change, which is here: http://bit.ly/1rlcdys Some Warmists have told me that this data is out-of-date and newer data proves otherwise, I can’t find their references to work out. It’s all horse-hockey or lesser!

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  5. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 21 November, 2014, 15:15

    Crisp Autumn mornings, herb tea and chocolate drizzled biscotti, fresh smell of clean air….ah…the good life.

    There is consensus somewhere out there between enviros and doomers…in the meantime, the air is much better than when Jerry Brown was in his first Govenor term.

    As far as climate change….yep every minute….end of subject.

    Global warming? Inconclusive unless you took your bug out kit to Buffalo.

    What is disturbing is how the hoardes of broke, uneducated, underemployed young people figured out Columbus pillaged America….he never was here. And how did they deduce America is the cause of most international conflicts and problems. Such beliefs show how easily Herr Gruber deceived the populace on Obamacare.

    Sadly, we have Congress members that beieve lots of this crap!

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  6. Bill Gore
    Bill Gore 22 November, 2014, 08:04

    So what is at the heart of these ‘global’ disaster memes that are continuously being pushed? Global terror, global warming, global governance…

    And how do they recruite the Teds of the world to march along with their ultimately selfish agenda?

    A clue from Pasternak’s ‘Dr. Zhivago’:

    “That’s just the point, Larisa Feodorovna. There are limits to everything. In all this time something definite should have been achieved. But it turns out that those who inspired the revolution aren’t at home in anything except change and turmoil, they aren’t happy with anything that’s on less than a world scale. For them transitional periods, worlds in the making, are an end in themselves. They aren’t trained for anything else, they don’t know anything except that. And do you know why these never-ending preparations are so futile? It’s because these men haven’t any real capacities, they are incompetent. Man is born to live, not to prepare for life. Life itself, the phenomenon of life, the gift of life, is so breath-takingly serious. So why substitute this childish harlequinade of immature fantasies, these schoolboy escapades?”

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  7. Ted
    Ted "Eddy Baby" Steele, Associate Prof. 22 November, 2014, 08:17


    Poor drama queens of CWD!
    Every time winter rolls around they think there is no global warming!


    (oh, and don’t worry, the extreme weather is probably a coincidence!)

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  8. bob
    bob 22 November, 2014, 11:46

    Gotta have cap-n-trade to pay for Jerry’s Bullet Train…and for various crony [email protected] scams…and the RAWGI pensions, benefits and salary increases and the flood of illegal aliens…will it be enough? Notta chance. Prepare for more tax increases and borrowing…and this one’s for you teddy…


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  9. Ted
    Ted "Eddy Baby" Steele, Associate Prof. 22 November, 2014, 19:25

    That’s correct Bo Bo—- Cap and trade– the darling of the Reagan administration!

    Save us Jesus Reagan!

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  10. Donkey
    Donkey 27 November, 2014, 07:04

    Boyden Gray came up with the carbon emission selling idea my RAGWUS feeding clown. Ronnie would have none of it, so they tried to have him killed. 🙂

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  11. T Mind of Ted Your God
    T Mind of Ted Your God 28 November, 2014, 20:17

    Bwahahahaha– LOVE he backpeddle little buddy!

    Pres Reagan……father of cap n trade!


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