New poll reveals Californians’ low approval of Congress

U.S. Capitol, wikimediaA new Field Poll shows Californians have maintained their recent disdain for the U.S. Congress. During 2000-2003, approval was as high as 50 percent. Today it’s just 18 percent.

That’s actually up a little, from the 10 percent to 13 percent approval given Congress from 2010 to 2014.

Approval for Democrats in Congress clocks at 35 percent, which one would expect in a state with much larger Democratic voting registration than Republican. GOP members of Congress get just 23 percent approval.

Indeed, the approval numbers here are similar to party registration, with 43 percent registered Democrats and 28 percent registered Republican. Knock five to eight points off the registration numbers for each party to get the approval for Congress.

As to Republicans taking control of the U.S. Senate last November, giving them majorities in both houses of Congress for the first time since 2006, California Democrats are especially disapproving; 71 percent view it negatively. State Republicans take the opposite view, with 73 percent approving.

Overall — including Democrats, Republicans and those of other parties or no party — 49 percent don’t like GOP control of Congress, with 37 percent approving. That, too, represents the general Democratic leanings of Californians.

The poll was conducted Jan. 26 to Feb. 16, so it only reflects the preliminary jousting in Congress between the parties; and between the GOP leadership and Democratic President Obama. As wrangling over the federal budget and other controversies progresses, the numbers may change.


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  1. Bruce
    Bruce 26 February, 2015, 13:21

    Personally for me, all branches are terrible. Obama is a tyrant and a liar, Congress does not defend the Constitution and spends like a drunken sailor (no offense Navy), and the Supreme Court writes law from the bench by forcing Obamacare onto America…by my product or give me money.

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  2. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 26 February, 2015, 19:58

    Same old story. Everybody “hates Congress,” but that doesn’t stop them from supporting and repeatedly reelecting their own representative.

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    • Bruce
      Bruce 26 February, 2015, 20:34

      You’re absolutely right, an educated society is needed to change the direction we are headed…I’ll give you candy if you vote for me (until the candy runs out). Education and dialogue to overcome the media.

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  3. Queeg
    Queeg 27 February, 2015, 16:21


    You are had each and every “representative” legislative session.

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  4. Bill - San Jose
    Bill - San Jose 1 March, 2015, 08:58

    An article on how Kalifornians hate Congress but not a peep about how they love the state senate and legislator?

    Kalifornians are by and large the most ignorant voters in the history of elections. Replace folks in Washington? Most of the dolts in this state don’t know who their local reps are let alone Washington.

    Start local with your school boards and work up from there if you really, really want change because that’s where the cancer really is.

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