CalWatchdog Morning Read – May 13

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  • Trump hurting GOP Senate hopefuls?
  • More money for Bay Bridge repairs
  • Ballot initiative law working?
  • Rewards for rich drivers?

Good morning! And since it’s Friday the 13th, good luck.

Gov. Jerry Brown will release his revised budget today.  

Although the state’s economy has been growing, last month’s personal income tax revenues missed their mark by $1 billion. So expect Brown to renew calls to limit new spending. 

Capital Public Radio has more. 

ICYMI: CalWatchdog looks at the problem looming in the state’s budget.

In other news:

  • Is the rise of Donald Trump hurting the chances of Republicans hoping to replace Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate to advance past the June primary? CalWatchdog has more. 
  • A panel on Thursday approved a $15 million plan to protect anchor rods on the Bay Bridge from further corrosion. The bridge was completed in 2013, but the state has spent millions since then to fix it. The San Francisco Chronicle has more.
  • “California ballot: Is a new law that allows activists to yank measures working?” asks The San Jose Mercury News

  • The Assembly approved a measure on Thursday that rewards drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles by continuing to grant access to HOV lanes. But critics say the move only helps wealthy drivers who can afford those vehicles and perpetuates traffic in those lanes, hurting carpoolers. The Sacramento Bee has more. 


  • Gone ’til Monday.


  • Gone ’til Monday.

Gov. Brown:

  • Releasing his revised budget at 10 a.m. in Sacramento. 

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