Legislature approves bill banning gender-specific bathrooms

phil-tingIn what proponents labeled “the nation’s most inclusive restroom access law,” the California Legislature passed a bill on Monday requiring single-occupancy restrooms in businesses, government buildings and places of public accommodation to be open to all genders.

If signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, the ban on gender-specific bathrooms will begin on March 1, 2017, which would be a significant victory in the transgender movement. 

“Restricting access to single use restrooms defies reason,” said Assembly member Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, the bill’s sponsor. “It is a basic necessity of life and everyone should get in and out on the same terms.”

Earlier this year, North Carolina passed the opposite of this bill — a measure requiring people to use public restrooms that correspond to their birth gender. San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles are among the U.S. cities that have banned official travel to North Carolina in response to the law.


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  1. Charlie
    Charlie 23 August, 2016, 05:02

    Do our legislators take the time to look around this State and see the real problems? Drug addicted transients are camped on government owned right of ways throughout the State and on the outskirts of most every town. Their trash and human waste are entering the streams and rivers, their camps destroy habitat. Their dysfunction is forced on society, and innocent communities who inheret the crime that follows. if our legislators want to do meaningful work, fix that!

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    • Standing Fast
      Standing Fast 23 August, 2016, 09:08

      I think our fearless leaders in Sacramento have been out of touch with reality for a very long time. Banning official travel to North Carolina? What reason did they have to go there in the first place?–not that I have anything against N.C. In fact, it sounds like their Legislature is still in the real world. Maybe I will go there instead. California is an embarrassment.

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  2. Leaving Soon
    Leaving Soon 23 August, 2016, 13:35

    I was at the San Diego airport last month. Lines out the door for women and men’s restroom. The newly updated transgender bathroom did not have one person going in and out of the bathroom the entire time I was waiting in the security line. What a waste of time and money. So many pressing issues in our state and they focus on this. California is a hell hole and our leaders are either focused on their own interests or corrupt to the core.

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    • Standing Fast
      Standing Fast 23 August, 2016, 19:49

      Thank you for telling us about this. I, personally, am not surprised. I know that because I do not approve of the so-called trans-gender restrooms that I am mean and deserving the contempt of popular society. That is all right with me. The only opinion of me that matters is the Creator who made me.

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  3. Terry
    Terry 24 August, 2016, 13:49

    I wonder if the CA govt employees and buildings are exempt from this intrusion. Anything to divide and conquer. We have problems with many sexual perverts that will take advantage of this for what less than 3% of the population.

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  4. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 25 August, 2016, 09:14

    If theres any rapes that happen in a woman’s restroom blame these politicians and Obama their policies are stupid and irresponsible

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