San Francisco’s ‘homeless tax’ helps spur departure of another high-profile company

Will Uber be the next tech company to bail on San Francisco? (WikiMedia image)

Less than a year after losing by far its biggest-grossing company to Texas – the pharmaceutical giant McKesson Corp. – San Francisco is losing another high-profile firm. Stripe, a financial software company that is the second-highest valued start-up in the U.S., is moving to South San Francisco.

Both McKesson and Stripe were unhappy with Measure C, the “homeless tax” approved by San Francisco voters last November that requires companies based in the city, which have more than $50 million in annual revenue, to pay a levy based on their gross receipts. McKesson moved to Irving, a suburb of Dallas, which has no such tax and much lower overall corporate taxes. While South San Francisco is not as cheap as Irving, it doesn’t have anything akin to San Francisco’s tax, which has helped the city attract many tech firms, in particular biotech giant Genentech.

“Unfortunately, Stripe choosing to leave town is not an anomaly,” Alex Tourk, spokesman for the tech trade group, told the San Francisco Chronicle. He said the business community needed to “work together [to] … establish a fair and equitable tax system that we can all rely on.”

But as the fight over Measure C reflected, there is a huge split among San Francisco tech firms. Marc Benioff – the billionaire chief executive of Salesforce, the city’s largest employer – and company employees provided millions in funding to the pro-C campaign. Benioff has disparaged tech firms which balked at the measure and appears open to even more tax measures to deal with San Francisco’s homeless crisis.

“This is a humanitarian emergency and it demands an emergency response,” Benioff wrote last year in an op-ed in The New York Times.

Uber moving entire departments to Dallas

But will more tax hikes be accepted by Uber, one of the city’s most prominent and famous start-ups? Uber was neutral on Measure C. And in a move with parallels to the actions of McKesson before it moved out, Uber announced in August that it was setting up a “second headquarters” with 3,000 employees in Dallas after being wooed for years by city leaders, who provided $36 million in incentives and tax credits.

“Dallas became the first city in Texas where the Uber app was available in 2012, and since then Texas has been a hub of innovation for our platform,” Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, said in the company’s announcement. “Uber is excited to bring this major investment to Texas and to increase our commitment to the city of Dallas.”

Yet Uber officials said that too much should not be read into its decision and that San Francisco would remain its headquarters. Uber said there was no change in its plan to move into 500,000 square feet of new office space at the huge, high-tech new Chase Center next year.

Nevertheless, the Dallas Business Times reported that Uber was moving entire departments to Dallas, including the Uber Eats team, and its legal, human resources, recruiting, finance and business development units.

That’s similar to what McKesson did before it confirmed it was leaving San Francisco permanently.

Uber has an even stronger motive to leave than McKesson or Stripe, which are considered healthy companies. Uber lost $5.2 billion in the second quarter of 2019, the company announced in August. Its stock price is down about one-third since then, and analysts are mixed about its future.


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  1. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 1 November, 2019, 17:21

    Nah….we will gut it out by running really lean and mean, no pajama boy frills just knock down old fashioned service, siffeee trailers and strong drinks in our utilitarian basic comfort bunker…

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    • T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor
      T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor 5 November, 2019, 17:47

      Yes P and S !

      As we control the means of production we will need the slack jawed toothless trumpaloopas to work the docks– grains, minerals, tailings from Adelanto— all busy– all the time….

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  2. Richard Rider
    Richard Rider 1 November, 2019, 22:57

    One reason to flee the city/county of San Francisco is that the city has its own INCOME TAX. Everyone who lives OR works in the city pays a 1.5% income tax on all earnings. Given the city’s progressive mindset, it’s likely that this tax will rise over time.

    Just to be clear: “South San Francisco” is NOT in the city/county of San Francisco.

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    • T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor
      T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor 5 November, 2019, 17:43

      It’s worth it to live in California and the bay area in particular—–Texas? YIKES — no way

      I’m glad the slackers are moving out!

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      • Timothy P Ward
        Timothy P Ward 12 November, 2019, 13:29

        Why, specifically, do you refer to yourself as “mentor”.
        Also, I-80 Will take you back to whatever state you came from.
        Keep it in mind…

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      • ricky smith
        ricky smith 12 November, 2019, 21:34

        Teddy is mentor to the Urinista and Crapola parties infesting his beloved bay area.
        His initiation rites included dumping a bucket of hot diarrhea over his head similar to what happened yesterday in Hollywood to a poor innocent citizen by one of his homeless hero street people.
        He said it brought to mind his favorite movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
        Umm-ummm,..finger licking good!

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  3. Edward Ryan
    Edward Ryan 9 November, 2019, 18:21

    Edward Ryan
    Edward Ryan8 November, 2019, 12:26
    I’d like to comment on corruption by the California Attorney General’s failure to investigate a formal 75 page complaint on the LAPD Crime-buster Vigilante Facebook scandal matter. This is a serious matter as the Los Angeles criminal justice system skews when it comes to fair justice for all as LA homeless are attacked by LAPD supported vigilantes, then arrested and jailed if the try to fight back in self- defense. Now there is proof of “jury trial rigging “by LA Prosecutor and LAPD Slo for Topanga. Both are members of the secret vigilante Facebook group, and 2 other Vigilante group members as witnesses for a bogus littering trial where Van Nuys Judge Harmond seems to play along by issuing an extreme sentence. LAPD command now spreads disinformation saying LAPD members only posted insults to homeless when the truth is LAPD supplied tracking and other info to vigilante members. The info was used to do violent crimes and community terror stalking onto targeted homeless victims. A homeless advocate and activist for LA political reform was harassed then convicted and incarcerated for months when he was attacked on 12/29/16 in Van Nuys by the same LAPD crew. False police reports were used and judge Mulcahy Van Nuys court prevented the mentioning of vigilante abuse at trial. This happened to Ed Ryan [email protected] who had to flee LA after release because of more vigilante harassment by LAPD connected crews. Ryan’s jaw was smashed by a vigilante attacker wielding a hammer and LAPD refuse to take his complaint and investigate. Ryan now lives in Mass as LA Court court issued a probation violation warrant to further silence him. LA superior Court Presiding Judge, Kevin Brazile has so far ignored Ryan’s comprehensive complaint. Ryan challenges reporters to read the 8/1/18 complaint to Atty Gen Becerra that has plenty of screen shots of captured vigilante and LAPD postings to surely warrant the Cal AG to investigate, but he remains silent on the issue. Also remaining totally silent on this atre LA Mayor Garcetti I’d like to discuss Corruption in Los Angeles as the LAPD Crime-buster vigilante Scandal is being ignored and all LA city Councilors. LA City Atty Furey also is silent even though his long time Deputy Karin Philips is involved and is being reported to Cal BBO flor ethical violations of not disclosing vigilante group membership by entire prosecution team in People v Kevin Perelman , the van Nuys Superior Court jury trial in front of LA Superior Court Harmond that was rigged Atty Philips and LAPD SLO Dines

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    • ricky smith
      ricky smith 11 November, 2019, 08:20

      Off topic.
      Besides looking at the mayhem and chaos on the streets these days, maybe its time for a little vigilante action.

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    • T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor
      T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor 21 November, 2019, 21:35

      Eddy Baby– To be honest– we normally don’t respond to the 5150 looking dense worded diatribes. Also– please note, some of these clowns aint that bright, so….you know……

      Mentor Ted

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  4. Dave Autrey
    Dave Autrey 12 November, 2019, 20:41

    I was born in Oakland in 1957. My family moved to the burbs (Pleasant Hill) in 1963. I owned my own business until 1999 in the bay area. The writing was on the walls. Moved as far east as you could get. Best decision I made. It’s just really sad but very educational if you are willing to get educated on liberalism. When the producers are viewed as problems you are going to get what you deserve. Cheers………….

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  5. Queeg
    Queeg 13 November, 2019, 09:30

    Comrade Ricketts

    Teddy is the Sage of CWD, the Emeritus Genius, the purifier, the voice of the hurting children, immigrants and oppressed….
    … deference and respect…

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    • T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor
      T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor 13 November, 2019, 21:00

      Thanks Queegster– I do what I can with these dopes– it aint easy— over the years I must have mentored 50 of em off my beloved CWD!

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      • ricky smith
        ricky smith 2 December, 2019, 09:29

        Edward Ryan may be one of your toughest 5150 cases though.
        Can you do it? I’m begging you.
        I might even turn into one of your toadies.

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  6. Edward Ryan
    Edward Ryan 22 November, 2019, 17:20

    Time to “call out” Christian Fundamentalists. They need to be warned to stop destroying our democracy with lying disinformation. Failures at America’s “Social Compact”. They are not capable of making good, well informed decisions. Their minds warped from Bible based lies, they are sick with religiosity. “Secular reality” is too much and these cowards can-not accept the finality of death. They are materialist who want it all, needing to live forever and be winged angels walking on streets of gold. They are superstitious, cultish fools unable to attain the rational. Lacking intellectual foundation, they could care less about good government. America’s fundamentalist Christians are complicit in Trump’s con-job lies and are culpable sounding boards foo Republican disinformation. Do these cowards who worship at the cult thrown they understand that average Americans, the good people not sickened with greed and religiosity, are not afraid to die, will fight to the death for uncorrupted democracy country? edryan221

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    • T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor
      T TTT Ted Steele, Mentor 24 November, 2019, 22:06

      Edward Scissorhands

      Ok now I have to say this seriously– I fully agree with you. The cult of Trump, formerly known as the GOP has hijacked the religious morons, or maybe the other way around but either way, they don’t give two shits about the planet, democracy, or the rule of law.We re truly in an Orewellian dystopia. Way more pain coming soon enough thanks to the so called right/religious clowns.

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      • Edward Ryan
        Edward Ryan 24 November, 2019, 22:39

        American have to stand up against this lie fest now. Why aren’t the other Presidents speaking up. Obama’s voice needs to be heard loud and clear now. Bill Clinton and G Bush must either step up now or go down in history as failing America in its most urgent time of need. It is “All Hands on Deck’ and “Battle Stations” Republican disinformation is now an existential threat to American Democracy. This is why I blasted the fricking fundamentalist Christians. They are totally complicit in this effort to install a benevolent Dictator in America. They are close to treason. I say fight back now…” Burn the Churches and Shred the Bibles”, Religiosity now perverts the minds of many American citizens. Everyday thousands of kids are being indoctrinated into this senseless muck. these cultist have no right to pollute minds for life. They are now enemies to the state and secular Americans need to think hard and do what is needed. Snuff this unholy menace now.

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        • ricky smith
          ricky smith 3 December, 2019, 09:19

          You’re a lunatic. You do understand that,right?
          I’m thinking maybe you need an exorcism more than being confined to a mental health facility.
          But glad to see you found a simpatico in Teddy Steel.
          Your positions and Teddy’s coincide exactly on the issues and pretty much represent mainstream thinking of the majority of the Democrat party.
          Get your torches and pitchforks ready! …Burn the evil Christians!

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  7. Edward Ryan
    Edward Ryan 24 November, 2019, 10:59

    October,25 2019
    The Honorable Tani G. Cantil-Sakauve
    Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court,
    455 Golden Gate Av.
    San Francisco, CA 94102-3688

    Dear Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauve
    I’m Edward Ryan, A former prosecutor and member of the Massachusetts Bar. On August 12, 2019,“Koreatown” Published “LAPD Involved in Anti-homeless Vigilante Facebook Groups“ Crimebusters of West Hills and Woodland Hills” and Transient Encampments of our West Valley” The members include: LAPD Deputy Chief Kris Pitcher, Former LAPD Deputy Chief John Sherman (ret.2018), former LAPD SLO Brent Rygh (ret,2018), LAPD Topanga Division Sergeant Karen Rayner, LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Sean Dinse, LAPD SLO Duke DAO, Sergeant Karen Rayner, LAPD (SLO) Daryl Scoggins, LAPD SLO Gabriel Ahedo, LAPD SLO John Catalano, LAPD SLO Kari McNamee, LAPD SLO Jose Fernandez, LAPD Officer William Jones, LAPD Topanga Service Representative Monica Fairbanks, and Deputy City Attorney Karine Philip.. Philips is the neighborhood prosecutor for the LAPD Topanga Station, and that station is where the Facebook Pages were created by a volunteer in 2016. A complaint filed with the Cal. Atty Gen. is supported by 62 pages of postings captured by screenshot. The complaint is included in my submission. A review by Cal Bar investigators will show multiple postings that include pictures of homeless people, The postings inferred a variety of criminal activity by group members onto homeless citizens
    Topanga LA Neighborhood Prosecutor Karine Phillips uses violates Cal Legal Ethic by using fellow LAPD Crime-buster Vigilantes as Prosecutions witnesses they are. I am reporting to Cal Bar Overseers
    Terrance Scoggins sand SLO Dinse
    Possible Cal. Criminal Violation and Cal. Code of Legal Ethics Violation
    By Los Angeles Neighborhood Prosecutor Topanga Atty Karine Philips.
    She and SLO Dines Prosecuted mentally ill Kevin Perleman for littering and expose Dinse Philips Corruption on
    Rule 8.4 Misconduct It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to: (a) violate these rules or the State Bar Act, knowingly* assist, solicit, or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another; (b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects; (c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud,* deceit, or reckless or intentional misrepresentation; (d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice; (e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official, or to achieve results by means that violate these rules, the State Bar Act, or other law; or (f) knowingly* assist, solicit, or induce a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of an applicable code of judicial ethics or code of judicial conduct, or other law. For purposes of this rule, “judge” and “judicial officer” have the same meaning as in rule 3.5(c). Comment [1] A violation of this rule can occur when a lawyer is

    CWHWH assist “residents and community members in having one central place” to share photographic and videographic evidence of suspicious activity and criminal acts.8 While the forums’ purported objective of increasing community security is arguably benign, the forums’ actual function is to facilitate anti-homeless cyberharassment and cyberstalking, and/or the use of electronic communication to annoy, threaten, or harass.
    11 Section 653.2 of California Penal Code 653.2 prohibits the use of an electronic device to distribute identifying information of a person to incite others to harm or harass that person. Section 653m of California Penal Code 653.2 proscribes a person from making repeated phone calls or electronic communications with the intent to annoy or harass another person. Also, Section 422 of California Penal Code 422 criminalizes threats to kill or physically harm someone over electronic communication
    This Los Angeles Court Docket information is from the transcripts of the jury trail where Philips successfully prosecuted and convicted Perelman and the Judge imposed a suspended sentence with three years probation. The web site contains much information about ongoing harassment by Dinse and his Neighborhood watch group,(People who are also members of the vigilante Facebook group. Perelman claims the members of the group set him jup on the littering charges. And the Complaining witness at trail was Terrance Scoggins, and Scoggins is the same last name as one of the LAPD SLO’s mentioned in the Koreatown article as being a member of the same vigilante group that Philips and Dinse belong to. information establishing that Phillips goes onto to prosecute Perelman for littering at the direction of fellow vigilante group member
    More Evidence of ethic violations as Attorney Karine Philips puts herself in the middle of a group of vigilante doing real crimes and instilling real terror into targeted homeless victims are videos where you can see vigilante crimes of assault and threats delivered in the middle of the night.
    Tristia Bauman, Senior Attorney, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty: [email protected] Steve Diaz, Deputy Director, Organizing, Los Angeles Community Action Network: [email protected]
    February 2018: An email was sent to an officer of the Topanga Community Police Station regarding the potential cyber-harassment and cyberstalking taking place within CTHE and CWHWH. No response to the email has been provided. place within CTHE and CWHWH. No response to the email has been provided.
    CTHE and CWHWH assist “residents and community members in having one central place” to share photographic and video graphic evidence of suspicious activity and criminal acts.8 While the forums’ purported objective of increasing community security is arguably benign, the forums’ actual function is to facilitate anti-homeless cyber-harassment and cyberstalking, and/or the use of electronic communication to annoy, threaten, or harass. Several of the posts and discussion threads on CTHE and CWHWH discuss homelessness as
    The video described above is available here: sharing. Anti-homeless verbal abuse has been evidenced in other cases involving seniors ( airing) and parents with small children ( sharing), regardless of actual or perceived homeless status.
    As said, Screenshots from the group pages were made part of a formal complaint filed with the California Attorney General on 8/1/18. The screenshots show evidence of Stalking, harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse and violence carried out by groups’ members against homeless people. In many cases, LAPD officers post private information of homeless individuals, including their medical information and whereabouts. Screenshots also show LAPD SLO Dinse working with the neighborhood prosecutor (Attorney Katrine Philips) to target Kevin Perleman for prosecution on littering. Transcript information from Kevin Perleman’s website shows no record of Prosecutor Philips disclosing the very relevant information that she and lapd Dinse are members of a closed Facebook used by LAPD slo’s and to the citizens to post information that describes Perleman’s court or to the defense
    SLO Brent Rygh is a Senior Lead officer and Los Angeles Police Department’s division of Community Policing working out of the Los Angeles Police Departments Topanga Community Police Station Captured Posting;
    “Kevin Perelman has a court date of September 9th, 2017 for this issue. The Neighborhood Prosecutor will ask that Kevin Perelman to stop littering his business cards as a condition of his probation. If he violates the conditions of his probation, I’ll arrest him and ask that he be sent to mental health court Department 95. When we brought him to court last time, he stopped littering his cards, and once his probation was over, he started all over again. I’m hopeful that his court case will mitigate this issue until he gets some help for his mental illness. As Brent stated, this is the only real tool I must fight Kevin Perelman’s mental illness and force him to get help.”
    Attorney Philips deeps her vigilante work to herself even though it criminally conflicts whit her ability to be as fair prosecutor following the constitution. She is engaged in a crime I al conspiracy to deprived {Perelman of his civil rights to have access to fair justice. The below postings show clear violation of this ethical standard.
    Dines post again saying… “Officer Rygh and I arrested Kevin Perlman for his warrant and additional charges of littering his card. Kevin had an additional 265 cards in his pocket when we contacted him…Perlman is mentally ill, so hopefully this case will help get him to stop littering his cards and some help for his extreme paranoia”
    Anyway, dines says “Kevin Perlman is out of custody and back in court on October 16, 2017. I made sure he understood when he arrested that he had to stop littering cards. Hopefully he takes heed to the warning.
    Dinse again posts saying… “Kevin Perlman has a court date of September 9, 2017, for this issue the neighborhood prosecutor will ask that Kevin Perlemam to stop littering his business cards as a condition of his probation”
    Dines post saying… “Officer Rygh and I arrested Kevin Perlman for his warrant and additional charges of littering his card. Kevin had an additional 265 cards in his pocket when we contacted him…”
    “Perlman is mentally ill, so hopefully this case will help get him to stop littering his cards and some help for his extreme paranoia”
    Anyway, dines says “Kevin Perlman is out of custody and back in court on October 16, 2017. I made sure he understood when he arrested that he had to stop littering cards. Hopefully he takes heed to the warning. Susan Epstein Fishman now chimes in with this “I think his car is parked, covered on Marylee waiting to see if it gets moved tomorrow.
    Postby Vigilante Susan Epstein Fishman. Obviously doing Community or gang stalking< Susan Epstein Fishman tells SLO Dines the exact location and condition of Perelman parked car. She notes to SLO Dimes that the car is covered and it is on a street named Marylee/. Her message is in real time , this telling us that she is mobile…using her car to stalk . The truth is Ms., Fishman, along with people like Fern-Peskin white do a lot of Stalking homeless by cay. Circling targeted homeless by taking photos and vids up close.
    SLO Dinse states he will talk with the “neighborhood prosecutor” (Karine Philips) about having Kevin Perleman prosecuted in Division 95 for littering. Next, I show another re-written SLO Dines Post from a Karen Fichbasum to Dinse res [ponding to Dines’s news that Perleman is walking out of the stationhouse. Shew says in part, “his car is still parked on…. street. It is covered and waiting to see if it is moved to street clean tomorrow.
    Thus, I learned some things. First, that Dines, and Philips do plan and work together as vigilantes to try and get Perelman (who is well known and hated by Dines into mental health court which would hold him in a psychiatric jail unit indefinitely. Two, I learn that their plan partially failed (Perelman was charged with litter, a fact very important later) but that Dines post news that Perleman is out causes another vigilante member, who is Mobil to report in on the status of Perleman’s car, Thus, I now know that Perelman is getting community stalked by these Harmless LAPD vigilantes.
    I located Multiple websites showing a continuation of Attorney Philips efforts to prosecute Perleman with this phony littering set up. Doing so on incredibility terrifying level trying to have him incarcerated in the county jail psychiatric unit. A place where he could do indefinite jail time has he is held pretrial till a doctor determines competency. That is clear and ugly abuse of prosecutorial power.
    The fair and incorruptible reputation of the California State Bar will be vastly diminished if vigilante prosecutors are allowed to work with a with corrupt vigilante cops and fellow vigilantes who constantly stalk a mentally ill defendant to terrorize so that he can be safely locked away in some state mental hospital for an indefinite period of time. Then Dinse and the other San Fernando Facebook crimebuster vigilantes will end Perleman’s efforts to expose their evil. Criminal abuse onto the homeless and any other whistle blower or political activist that goes against the will of the LAPD brass,
    Attorney Philips. Philips Until my research uncovered multiple websites filled with See this the Website of vigilante Kevin Perelman. Yes, Perleman is mentally ill and his paranoia does sometimes appear on the websites. But, besides that he has done a great job of preserving the transcripts of the “SLO Dinse and Deputy City Attorney Philips “Kangaroo Court”(His words) The transcripts of the littering jury trail and the Appeal transcripts are available, along with other anti-vigilante videos and much more. The court docket numbers of the Littering case on
    Kevin Perelman does suffer from some mental health issues, but overall he is very functional and has 5 websites dedicated to how SLO Dines has hounded with his neighborhood watch crew that are “ like Nazis” the way the “stalk him” It is important to note that Perlman seems not to know about the recent news of the Crimebuster vigilante LAPD Facebook scandal because there is no reference to it on his web sites. I Myself wonder if the LAPD has somehow reduced or eliminated the websites visibility on Search engines as I never saw the web site in my many attempts at google research in this matter. I came across the information by luck when I noticed Perleman’s name on a comment to Utube posting. He wrote about being the target of Dinse harassment in the post and he provided his web site information, I do know this the LA:PD and these vigilantes do have the ability to hack computer at military grade level. My email system contains proof of this and is more evidence for court investigators.
    He is also upset with Neighborhood Prosecutor Philips and makes it clear that she is in collusion with Dines as they do a sham prosecution. The Case was tried before Judge Harmond who seem to be neutral, However he did have access to Perelman website as that was the information on the card and Perelman: lawyer did hit on the issue of Perelman being harassed and abused by Dinse and Philips and their gang of vigilantes.
    What makes me suspect real corruption at trail is the name of the complaining witness is Terrance Scoggins. This is the same last name as SLO Scoggins, a known member of the Facebook vigilante group In fact it is Scoggins or Dines who tells vigilante Glickman that it is OK to brutally tase a detained homeless target until LAPD arrives. The statement on the post by the LAPD SLO was that LAPD can’t not control what happens before they arrive. That is tacit permission to engage in criminal abuse.
    This is yet another example of Crimes being committed on the Crimebuster Face book web site. Attorney Philips is a member of that website and does see the information because she uses it to prosecute along the strategic illegal lines of LAPD as transmitted by Dinse. This means that she is in violation of legal ethics by being part of a known criminal enterprise. She is violating of many ethical issued and here is one to consider.[8] ore, proof of known LAPD protection of the vigilante comes with a re-post by a vigilante was a statement that joked of the probability that LAPD would ever arrest one of them. Fern Peskin -White has a captured post showing how LAPD does validate this vigilante criminal harassment LAPD targets. In the posts that has attached photos proving she has been busy snapping photos up close, and where she is following homeless on buses and then talking with hospital security to stalk a homeless man and woman as they bus to the emergency room for treatment. Please read the captured post
    On this point. Below is Fern-Peskin -White using crime and fraud to prevent medical treatment. Attorney Whit connection to this evil thing is totally unethical.
    Now in West Hills. Started out on Sherman Way and &Shoup. Took the bus here and they are sitting hanging out at West Hills Hospital entrance of the ER. Who knows where they’ll end up? They stop random doctors on the way into the hospital and ask if they write for inhalers. That isn’t the medical building across the street. I was at the hospital most of the day with my mother and didn’t see any. However, when I left this evening there were two backpacks up to no good in the dark parking lot heading towards Sherman Way
    This routine vigilante action of photo taking is proved by the many posted pictures of homeless targets. Every time we see a picture we know that the vigilante is very busy stalking the homeless target around town.
    The bottom line is the LAPD got caught running a vigilante stalking ring. Yet Chief Moore and the former Chief of the Valley Kris Pitcher now lie and spread disinformation to minimize this evil thing. They are saying it is only a few LAPD officers on a community web site using inappropriate language about homeless. Then a pretend discipline is handed down as the Guilty officers must attend a LAPD socials medias class. Chief moor need to resign or be fired for this cover up lying that protects the right of Lo Angeles police to routinely do criminal acts onto people in the community. Deputy Chief Pitcher needs to go to. He should know better as is resume shows he has done a year at the “Kennedy School of Government” Harvard. That is a precious political education to be used to do the right thing when involved with public policy. Pitcher uses it to scheme lie and protect this totally criminally vigilante thing. As I now go forth spreading the word myself on college campuses across the nation I hope that Kris Pitcher is Barred from the Kennedy School in the future , What a disgrace, and they will agree. The fact that I have to use social media to expose this also says much . not good , about LA regional news media. They haver ignored my efforts to publicly expose for years., That is an example of the elite media protecting the elite political system all the time the people are treated to a police force that does crimes onto them while corrupting the courts.
    I would like to know the exact details of the Perelman arrest as one of the screenshot captured Dinse Posting has Dinse saying ..”Perleman will be arrested..” Then. As The Susan Epstein Fishman Vigilante community stalking posting tells us Perelman’s car was parked on a certain street. This how did it get their and by what ruse was Perleman baited. and read the posted court transcripts of his recent brush with LA county jail as Philips and Dinse put him through a jury trail on the littering issue. It turns out that a complaining witness used by Phillips is named Terry Scoggins. Scoggins says Perleman keeps littering his cards (that have his website address on it) and that things got pushy when he was told to clean up. Luckily, SLO Dines came right over ands Arrested Perelman at trail.
    The transcripts have Perelman emphatically testifying that he does not litter. Perleman says he has been set up by a cop that hates him because he’s got a huge web site and multiple videos dedicated to exposing SLO Dinse and his gang of neighborhood watch vigilantes who gang stalk him all over. But the important part is this: No way does the prosecuting LA city Attorney do the right thing and recuse herself for being in tandem with SLO Dines head-lining a secret vigilante organization who post plenty about their crimes onto homeless. And by the way, the name ‘Scoggins” rings a bell as it is the same, rather unusual last name as one of the several SLO’s mentioned in the Koreatown Anti-homeless Vigilante Article. That was “SLO Daryl Scoggins”, gee, I wonder if the vigilante SLO Scoggins is related to the Terrance Scoggin who was criminally victimized by some heavy handed Perelman littering until SLO vigilante Scoggins came in to arrest Perleman for littering so that he could be convicted and incarcerated indefinitely in the mental health wing of the LA County Jail. Bottom line, the Los Angeles Court system is totally corrupted by the LAPD using vigilante or neighborhood watch people to harass and threaten homeless victims, so they fight back in self-defense. Then they are prosecuted by another corrupt vigilante neighborhood prosecutor elsewhere in LA. This is not just happening in san Fernando Valley; it is happening all over. I say to the California Judicial Council. Do The right thing. Allow the good people of LA To have clean justice. Use this San Fernando crimebuster/LAPD anti-homeless scandal as probable cause to order a full investigation of all LA neighborhood prosecutors across the board, it can be done it has to be done
    This certainly does terrorize the targeted homeless as it did me when I lived as homeless in San Fernando valley, and was totally community stalked by caravans of late model SUV,s all with opaque windows and all supported and protected by the LAPD. I know this to be true because I would challenge these terror criminals when I was homeless by writing down License plate numbers . I have a list of over 300 plates and ask for help from a judicial agency like the Cal Judicial Council to run thee plates for owner identification. These are the people responsible for corrupting the courts, Why? Because oaten when I was taking plate # LAPD would roll -up and either threaten to arrest or actually arrest. If arrested the police report contained no reference to the fact I was being Harassed ads stalked by vigilantes in cars. The LAPD knew this as Same of the vehicles would continue to circle.. Probably people like Fern- Peskin White, as they , along with LAPD SLO were the captains or ringleaders of the San Fernando Vigilantes .
    On 2/29 16, deep in the night around 3 am these vigilante cars began circling and terrorizing me. When I tried to leave the are I was slowed as the cars sped an swerved to prevent my street crossing. When I finally stood my ground and Yelled threats of protection at them I was quickly arrested by supporting LAPD, most likely officers from LAPD community policing. As I was being cuffed a vigilante vehicle slowly passed by the corner and with his window down, a bearded driver sarcastically mocked me saying” we thought you were all done,,,, we thought you had smarten up.” He meant that I was learning to ignore the harassment thus depriving the LAPD and Vigilantes of their goal, that being to provoke , taunt and terrorize until I lashed out by voice or kicking a car as it tried to hit me. Then it was good for them as I could be arrested and held for months pretrial by a participating Los Angeles Deputy Attorney prosecutor similar to Karine Philips.MY arrest on 12/29/16 provides good evidence of LA court corruption related to these vigilantes. After nearly a month of being held pre-trail in the LA county jail, I was taken to Van Nuys Municipal court To a court run By Judge Mulcahy. During a conference with my appointed County defender Casey Kozel I told him I wanted to tell the c court about the vigilante vehicle harassment that caused my lash out. He told me no way it would make me sound crazy. I told him to watch the 25 videos of community stalking harassment bi LAPD supported caravans. I told him that was further proof of this thing. He got nervous and asked me if I wanted to be arraigned in Department 95. Being a lawyer and very well competent I looked at him askew and said “please don’t do that to me.” Susan Epstein Fishman post while community ty stalking saying… “I think his car is parked, covered on Marylee waiting to see if it gets moved tomorrow
    Minute later he left the room entered the court and be3hind my back filed paper work for a forced phycological Evaluation at a statemental hospital. I was brought into the court and tried to convince Judge Mulcahy about the reality of the Vehicle stalking and he mocked me sayinf I Could tell my story about those crazy cars to the doctor at the hospital. , also telling me I would have al lot of time to do that and that I would be leaving for Patten Sate hospital in 5 days when I would be brought back to court This all happened on my 1/20.17 court date in at Van Nuys Court.. At jail. The LAPD vigilante thing was able to reach out and touch me. @ days before returning to court, a Ms. Medina had me pulled from the pod into a conference room. She then emphatically told me that the court had called about me and that if T talk about the cars in court again I well be in trouble, I will be taken to the hospital. Totally terrorized, I told her I would cooperate and be silent on the issue, On1/20/17 I was taken back to Van Nuys court where I told Atty Kozel I would take the plea deal he now offered instead of being taken to the Sate mental hospital. I capitulated because I just wanted to get out from under these evil monsters. I plead “ No Lo Contendre” to a false set of facts that said nothing about the intense 3 am vigilante harassment attack that made me issue the criminal threats. The deal was 6 months in and 3 years probation. Back at jail I was being held in the part of jail where all inmates where yellow shirts instead of blue, Why, because the jail was holding me in the mental health unit even though I don’t have mental health issues and was not being medicated. Again it was LAPD/vigilantes reaching into the LA County jail system to have me classified as being mentally ill. The reason for this is to use their myth of mental illness to diminish my credibility. This is a well known part of the phycological torture system used in East Germany behind the Iron curtain by the infamous stazi secret police. The technique of caravan vehicle surveillance up close and constant as vehicles round the corner and pass again as you walk away is also a stasi secret police technique use to terrorize and silence dissidents, And Just like what happened to me , when I complained to the LAPD about being stalked and harassed by the cars with Opaque window, I was told it was not happening and it was all in my mind. The Stasi secret police also did that as part of a “no touch torture scheme” where victims a psychologically tortured and terrorized with the ultimate goal of stimulating a mental break down requiring locked door psychiatric treatment., Or better yet, the ultimate goal is to induce suicide by bringing the target victim to that point by repeated harassment that is terrorizing and secret. I find it totally unbelievable that the LAPD and people like LAPD Chief Moore and Former LAPD Chief Beck allow this to go on. Yes , they know about it. They allow it. And yes, they probably order it to be done/. For this reason of evil unbelievable corruption by these people , I urge you ass Chief Justice of the California Superior Court to fully investigate, so that public exposure can kill this thing. Please , your honor do the right thing, Thank You.

    Ed Ryan, 10/26/19
    Contact 413-863-5592,
    [email protected]


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