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Defiant UC Davis chancellor’s days likely numbered

It’s growing difficult to imagine circumstances in which UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi — once considered a high-performing star who brought new resources and attention to her campus — will return to work from her present 90-day paid leave.

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New bombshells in San Diego school board scandal

Two new reports provide fresh heft to allegations that San Diego school board President Marne Foster has abused her power. Both relate to what happened at the district’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, where her son graduated last year.

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Health Dept. shuts down 11-year old’s cupcake biz

If there was ever a stark reminder of our over-abundant government, the story of 11-year old Chloe Stirling who ran a mini cupcake business in Troy, Ill. has been shut down by callous bureaucrats. Chloe Stirling is a young entrepreneur, and embodies the

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Sacto City Clerk rejects petition to put arena subsidy to a public vote

In another twist in Sacramento’s arena derangement syndrome, a petition drive to put a public subsidy for the proposed Sacramento basketball arena project to a public vote, has been rejected by the Sacramento City Clerk. Friday, the city clerk announced

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State auditor will scrutinize Child Protective Services

June 6, 2013 By Katy Grimes SACRAMENTO — It’s audit time for Child Protective Services, part of the California Department of Social Services. A protest rally by 100 people at the Capitol Wednesday morning charged the agency with both abusing

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Hawthorne home to an out-of-control police state

Nov. 26, 2012 By Chris Reed A while back, I came upon the amazing stories of Daniel J. Saulmon, a Southern California man who has used video and audio recorders to document vast evidence of police misconduct. Here we go

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