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Economist called genius by left backs Prop. 13-style wealth protection

It may seem wonky and obscure now, but I bet it’s going to emerge as a strong, enduring counterpunch to Proposition 13 critics. I refer to the fact that French economist Thomas Piketty — the hottest, in the media sense,

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Having no fixed beliefs could pay off for Nathan Fletcher

Sometimes, when lawmakers change parties, it has an obvious logic. When Texas Congressman Phil Gramm, a free-market economist before entering politics, switched from Democrat to Republican during Ronald Reagan’s first term, it made sense. Gramm had little in common with

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I wasn’t born to follow…

June 12, 2012 By John Seiler Cue the great Byrds song, “I Wasn’t Born to Follow” from one of my favorite movies, “Easy Rider”: I bring that up because The New York Times’ featured “conservative,” David Brooks, whom I knew

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