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Gavin Newsom announces new plan calling for housing boom

SACRAMENTO – If the past is any guide, California’s Legislature will declare its recently passed housing-affordability package a success and move on to the many other priorities that dominate Capitol discussions once lawmakers return in January. But the housing package

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Bill would revive California’s redevelopment agencies

  SACRAMENTO – California’s redevelopment agencies were a fixture on the local political landscape for six decades, as they guided development policies and grabbed “tax increment financing” that localities used to pay for infrastructure improvements, downtown renovations and affordable-housing projects.

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Democrats and Republicans see different solutions to California housing crisis

SACRAMENTO – Before the recent legislative recess, California Democratic leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown announced their intention to tackle one of the state’s biggest crises: housing affordability. It’s the rare instance where virtually everyone in the Capitol at least is

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Developer fees targeted by legislation as cities battle housing costs

Rent control is on the march in California, addressing years of leases that have increased to as much as 43 percent over the national average for a one-bedroom apartment. In the last year, rent has increased 6.5 percent in the

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Calif. default risk turns Gov. Brown into a capitalist

Aug. 2, 2012 By Chriss Street There is nothing like the threat of insolvency and a downgrade to junk bond status to motivate traditionally liberal politicians to abandon the environmentalists who heavily fund their campaigns.  Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown

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