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California voters defy trend – by voting as expected

SACRAMENTO – Whereas the national election results shocked and surprised pollsters and many media observers, California’s results from Election Day conformed almost exactly to pre-election polls and predictions. Some of the big races were foregone conclusions, such as Attorney General

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – Election Day

How much would a Democratic supermajority in Sacramento matter legislatively? What races we’re watching Cultural significance of California’s U.S. Senate race CSU tuition increase? Toxic air detected in Paramount  Good morning. Happy Election Day. There are so many storylines today, but

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 4

Field Poll: Voters poised to pass a bunch of ballot measures  October jobs miss mark, wages tick up Good drought news  Out-of-area spending dominates two of the most important Assembly races  SD Congressman to pay back campaign funds used for

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 3

Trump supporters to “watch” polls next week School construction bond in trouble? Leaked emails show strange relationship between Bay Area billionaire and Clinton strategist Environmentalists top list of lobbyist employers in CA Is Rep. Janice Hahn in trouble in L.A.

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – July 1

November ballot fills out with 17 measures… and lawmakers want to add a few more Which gun-control bills will Brown sign? Vaccination law drives some out of state Why regulators want more money for air quality cleanup Good morning, happy

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