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AG Harris challenges reversal of CA foie gras ban

Just two days before the deadline, California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office filed notice the state would challenge U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson’s January ruling that federal law preempts the state’s ban on serving foie gras. The phrase in French means “fatted

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CA regulations hatch legal food fights

Have you noticed egg prices going up as much as 40 cents a dozen? Look to California voters. In 2008, they passed Proposition 2, which mandated more comfortable hatching quarters for chickens. Because of the cost to farmers of expanding chicken

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Federal judge strikes down CA foie gras ban

Bon appétit. A federal judge has struck down California’s prohibition on foie gras — more than a decade after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law the nation’s first ban on the culinary treat. U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson ruled Wednesday that

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Vive la Foie Gras Résistance! 6

Dec. 10, 2012 By John Hrabe In 2004, then-state Senate President Pro-Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco, coined a profane, albeit effective, slogan that helped convince Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign into law the nation’s first ban on foie gras. A

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California slouches towards ban on foie gras 10

May 16, 2012 By Joseph Perkins Josiah Citrin, owner and chef at Melisse Santa Monica, hosted a special seven-course tasting last night at his Michelin award-winning restaurant. Each dish was prepared by celebrated chefs from around the state using foie

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