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Message for CA: France dumps 75% income tax

Back two years ago when France jacked up its top income tax rate to 75 Percent, it was compared to California’s almost 52 percent rate (combined federal and state). The pro-tax New York Times said high-taxes didn’t drive away the

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Vive la Foie Gras Résistance!

Dec. 10, 2012 By John Hrabe In 2004, then-state Senate President Pro-Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco, coined a profane, albeit effective, slogan that helped convince Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign into law the nation’s first ban on foie gras. A

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Will millionaires avoid Prop. 30 tax increase?

Analysis Nov. 28, 2012 By John Seiler During the recent campaign, Gov. Jerry Brown insisted that people would not try to avoid his Proposition 30 tax increase by halting investments and “hiding” their money. Prop 30 boosts the top state

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California politicians love to tax like the French

Nov. 4, 2012 By Chriss Street Support for Proposition 30, the income and sales tax increase touted by Gov. Jerry Brown, has fallen below the critical 50 percent needed for passage for the first time in the California Field Poll.

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France boosting taxes before Calif. vote

July 6, 2012 By John Seiler France voted to put in office a socialist who promised to jack up taxes on “the rich” — and he’s doing it. He follows Nicholas Sarkozy, a Bush/Schwarzenegger type “conservative” who destroyed the country’s

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