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Second-largest CA firm may be preparing for move to Texas

California could be on the brink of one of its biggest corporate defections yet with the signs that McKesson Corp. – the pharmaceutical giant that is sixth on the Fortune 500 list – is preparing to move its headquarters from San Francisco

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CA Dems own state of the economy: Right, journos? Right?

Whenever President Barack Obama gets blamed for the still-mediocre condition of the national economy, his defenders in the Democratic Party, the punditocracy and in the allegedly neutral newsrooms of America immediately say things like, “He can’t get anything through Congress!

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Oil giant Occidental gushes for Houston

Maybe they’ll regret it when the heat and humidity hit next summer, but Occidental Petroleum is the latest industrial firm to leave California for Texas: “Occidental Petroleum, the longtime Los Angeles-based energy giant, announced Friday that it would move its

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Will California media ignore fracking’s long, safe history?

Dec. 26, 2012 By Chris Reed The escalating battle over using hydraulic fracturing — better known as fracking — for highly promising oil and natural gas exploration in California isn’t just another front in the state’s long-running war between environmentalists

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Jerry Nabs Tax Supporters

John Seiler: One good thing — if you can call it that — about Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed $7 billion tax: It is revealing who is the “Establishment,” both Democrat and Republican, that really runs this state. With the Republican Party

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