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Chicago teachers stifle reform

Sept. 17, 2012 By Steven Greenhut Chicago’s public school teachers went on strike last week over a modest plan to extend their work day and subject them to the type of standardized performance testing they typically administer to students. The

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Chicken protests show progress in culture wars

Aug. 7, 2012 By John Hrabe Whenever you’ve got trouble, and I mean trouble with a capital T, authoritarians’ first impulse is to ban it. And it doesn’t matter if that trouble is rap music, violent video games, or a

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee attacks Chick-fil-A

July 30, 2012 By John Seiler San Francisco has a reputation as a “tolerant” city, the capital of the 1967 Summer of Love, Haight-Ashbury and all that. Whatever it was in psychedelic Sixties, today it’s one of the most intolerant

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Infighting could derail federal transport bucks for L.A.

June 14, 2012 By Tori Richards Los Angeles stands to receive federal transportation dollars for the first time in nearly a decade, yet local infighting could derail the project, officials say. Allegations of influence peddling with a campaign donor tied

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Bullet Trains, Green Jobs and ‘The War Between Data and Storytelling’

May 15, 2012 By Chris Reed SAN DIEGO — The smug, insufferably superior politics of the faculty lounge have gone mainstream on the Left in the past decade to the point where many “progressive” pundits and Democratic lawmakers openly act

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