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State Republicans embrace key Trump policies

The California Republican Party wrapped up its annual spring convention by re-electing former state Sen. Jim Brulte, R-Rancho Cucamonga, to his third term as state chairman – but while also moving away from policies Brulte has touted to stands more attuned

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Harkey’s lawsuit unites capitol foes

Few Capitol battles are as heated as the ongoing feud between the trial lawyers and advocates for tort reform. Yet, the two groups have found themselves on the same side of one litigation controversy. Both sides are critical of Orange

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Union delegation unexpected sight at GOP convention

March 4, 2013 By Mark Stefanos Leaders of the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County, a labor organization representing 2,200 law-enforcement officers, toured the California Republican Convention in Sacramento last weekend, attending sessions and meeting with elected officials. They

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Brulte: 2012 Assembly GOP lost because ‘We got lazy’

March 4, 2013 By John Hrabe Jim Brulte was elected chairman of the California Republican Party in a landslide vote on Sunday. But despite winning support from 90 percent of convention delegates, the former state senator kept campaigning until the

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Video: Report on Romney fundraising

Aug. 27, 2012 By Brian Calle I talked to Investors Business Daily columnist Andrew Malcolm about the enthusiasm toward the Romney campaign and the way both campaigns see California as an ATM machine.

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Dispense With the GOP Convention

John Seiler: Here’s one way Republicans really can help California: Cancel their convention this weekend. Save the money and invest it in local businesses. Or just go to local bars in their home districts and get drunk. The entire California

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