An $11 billion budget surplus

Why can’t California be like Texas, with an $11 billion state budget surplus? Despite — or because of — having no income tax. Instead, California has a $20 billion budget deficit. Our governor, supposedly an “action hero,” whines to Washington to get a bailout; Texas’ governor, despite similar problems of paying for social services for immigrants, doesn’t.

The states have a lot in common: a lot of high tech industries (bigger in Calif.), oil industries (bigger in Tex.); a large immigrant population, especially from Mexico; large populations.

What’s the difference? In Texas, they welcome businesses. In California, businesses are treated like pariahs. AB32, the greenhouse gases/global warming bill that Gov. Schwarzenegger made the keystone of his legacy 4 years ago, is ripping up the state’s businesses — even as a record snow blankets the Northeast of the USA, especially Washington, D.C., the center of the global-warming cargo cult.

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