Cal Watchdog is Credentialed

Cal Watchdog is now officially credentialed by the state of California.

After seven months of waiting for official state capitol press badges, the wait is over. Editor Steven Greenhut and reporters Katy Grimes and Anthony Pignataro now have official press badges to cover the state Legislature. And don’t we look happy about it?

Our applications to the Capitol Correspondents Association of California for state capitol press badges went in last December – seven months ago – but were delayed along the way. Inquiries to the association led us to Assembly Speaker Karen Bass’s office, and finally to Speaker John Perez’s office for approval. But still the applications sat.

Today, we got word that our press applications had been processed and approved. We are bonafide.

“The timing is perfect,” Pignataro said. “We got to celebrate freedom and liberty the old fashioned way — by having our pictures taken by the government and then stored in an official database.”


LtoR: Greenhut, Grimes, Pignataro. Watch out, Sacramento...

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