Adachi Forms New Reform Group

Steven Greenhut: San Francisco’s Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who had sponsored a pension-reform measure in the last election, is joining with Vallejo’s voice of sanity, Councilwoman Stephanie Gomes, to create a new reform group aimed at reining in California’s growing pension costs. Here is their statement:

New Effort Aimed at California Deficit Reduction & Pension Reform

San Francisco, Calif. — San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi and Vallejo City Councilwoman Stephanie Gomes are teaming up with deficit reduction and pension reform advocates across California who want to focus on deficit reduction and pension reform.  “California United for Fiscal Reform” will hold it’s first meeting following Wednesday’s forum on California’s public pension liabilities hosted by the Bay Area Council.

California United for Fiscal Reform will focus on bringing together leaders and advocates with diverse backgrounds and beliefs who are implementing change in their cities and counties. It will provide a non-partisan platform to share best practices and resources among localities combating fiscal decline, and create a network of experts and resources to support and further advance reform.

California United is based on the premise that no single city or county, council member or county supervisor, citizen or taxpayer need stand alone in asking for pension reforms and deficit reduction.

Adachi said, “San Francisco isn’t alone in facing a billion-dollar pension tsunami and the devastating effect it’s having on city services.” said Adachi. “Other cities are struggling with massive deficits.”

Other reformers are pushing those huge boulders up very steep hills. I wanted to start California United so we could bring many hands together to make everyone’s work lighter.”

Gomes said, “Vallejo has been at the epicenter of California’s housing crash, revenue decline and unsustainable public employee pay and benefit crisis. Without reform and deficit reduction, other state and local governments will be left with insolvency and the continued disappearance of services, which will further shatter California’s economy and our quality of life.”

City, county and state budgets cannot recover until they reflect the reality of the post-2008 recession. It’s time to re-tool the expectations and habits of local governments, elected officials and public employees. California United hopes to help facilitate that change.

California United for Fiscal Reform Website address:

    Bay Area Council’s public pension forum, Wednesday, March 9th at 8:30 a.m.:

MARCH 9, 2011

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